How to buy on MmoGah's marketplace?

Buying a product from our marketplace is easy, safe, and secure! Buying an item takes seconds, just search for your item, choose your payment option and done! Protecting Buyers is our highest priority so we have you covered under the MmoGah Buyer Guarantee.


Please make sure to fully review the details of item that you plan to purchase. If you have any questions, we highly recommend that you contact the Seller first to get the answers before making your purchase. Message the seller before paying to guarantee they are online and they have stock available. Do not pay for an offer if the seller doesn't respond right away and you are unwilling to wait.

Secure Payment Options

You can purchase an item in our marketplace using any combination of the following. Only payments made through our website will be secure. Outside transactions are not protected or supported by our scam prevention:

  • Cash Balance, this is the cash balance amount you receive for selling an item in our marketplace.

           (When you have cash in Balance, you can directly place your order and then choose Balance to pay, just like other payments.)

  • Paymentwall 
  • Credit Cards (i.e. Visa, Amex, etc.)
  • Crytopcurrency (i.e. Bitcoin)
  • Payssion (i.e. prepaid cards)

Rating Purchases

Only rate a seller once the order has been delivered and you confirmed it meets the listing description. If you do not rate a seller after 48 hours the order will automatically be marked as complete and you risk being protected by our buyer guarantee.

Cancellations and Refunds

An offer can be declined by the seller and no money will be sent. In order to request a refund the buyer must have not received any goods and the seller must agree to a refund. Cancellations or refunds are not permitted once an offer has been marked complete.

Disputes and Scams

If you have an issue with your purchases and your payment was made through our website make sure to report the problem to us inside the offer page. We will attempt to resolve the issue with the provided proof from both parties. Communications must be made on our website at all times. Any off site chat such as Skype, Discord, email will usually result in a scam and may not be accepted as evidence.

Unfortunately if you made an insecure payment directly to the seller we are unable to support you. We advise you contact your payment provider to attempt a refund. You can also report the user to make sure they are banned and prevented from scamming future buyers.

Secure Buyer Money Back Guarantee

We hope our buyers are not scammed through our secure payments but occasionally a seller turns out to be a scammer or unable to deliver after payment is sent. We want to clearly define the guarantee for our buyers and how we will protect them:

  1. Any offers that are incomplete and the seller does not deliver anything can be refunded in 48 hours after contacting the seller then support. Do not report the seller immediately as many times they are offline and will deliver during their business hours. (Refunds can be done through MmoGah marketplace balance or attempted return to your original payment method). Please open a report on the offer page to request a refund. Your money back guarantee is secure as long as you make sure to report the offer and not rate it positively.

  1. Any offers that are complete and successfully rated can not be guaranteed depending on the purchased good. Typically, we have a 70% recovery rate as long as you contact us within 30 days of the sale. Any reports after the timeframe are less likely to be recoverable and we can ban the seller on MmoGah.
    • Accounts - Accounts are identified as highly risky if purchasing from non-trusted sellers as they can be recovered easily. If your account is recovered and evidence sent shows the seller is at fault then we will attempt to recover your money. If we are successful in recovering your money we will refund you.
    • Items (Gold, Coins, etc.) - Any unreturnable purchases cannot be protected by our guarantee. For example, you receive your gold and are tricked into sending it to another player or banned there is no money back guarantee. However, we do have exceptions if the fault is solely on the seller and MmoGah will attempt to recover your money. For example, the seller is found to be selling hacked or stolen gold which leads to you being banned. We will attempt to recover your original payment for you.
    • Timing - Due to the extensive manual process to recover any money after it has been withdrawn by the seller it may take up to 1-2 months to receive an update on the results. If we are successful we will attempt to refund your original payment method or add balance to your MmoGah account. It is important you report the offer as soon as you have an issue so we have a better chance of recovery.

Please note any sites offering 100% guarantee or insurance for accounts or recoverable purchases will usually never protect or fight for you. We are being transparent with the process so you are aware of any possible risks when purchasing from

Fraudulent Reports and Chargebacks

If you fraudulently report a seller or chargeback a successful purchase you will forfeit any MmoGah security guarantee. Submitting a dispute with your payment provider will only delay the process and require us to suspend your account until resolution.

Prohibited Listings

We do not allow any illegal listings to be sold on our site. i.e. Unauthorized game accounts, third party key sellers. We do not allow any risky listings or items that are prone to being stolen. If you suspect any prohibited listings please report them immediately.

Insecure Payment Options

If you are told by a seller to pay outside our website the transaction is not protected. This is highly risky and you must do additional verification and checks to ensure the seller is not a scammer. We advise you only to purchase from Trusted Sellers with positive feedback (Make sure to check their user profile page and review each safety description). If a seller has no verification such as Phone or Identity, and marked as a highly likelihood of being a scammer then you show proceed with extreme caution. (Example Scammer Profile)