Selling WoW Gold On Arathor / Hellfire Alliance EU
Delivery Time : 10 hour(s)
Available Stock : 220000
Minimum Purchase Quantity : 10000

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My name is Szakember, and I'm ready to sell WoW gold for you on EU Arathor / Hellfire Alliance. If you decide to buy gold from me, I will be ready to deliver it for you on every day from 15:00 to 0:00 CET.  I currently have 220000+ gold for sell, but it is increasing. 

My prices: 0.7$ / 10000 gold. Minimum buy: 10000 gold.

I usually sell WoW gold for sites like MMOGAH and others, so you can trust me 100%. If you have any question, please add me on skype: madnessmarci.