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94 Mage - 48 Combat - No Email - Hand Trained - No Marks - OSRS - PK - Rusher - Magic - Pure
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- Old School Runescape Account -
- 94 Mage - 48 Combat - 10 Hp -
No Bots, Macros, Auto-Clickers, VPNs, or Proxies were used.  
   This account is in stock and available for purchase.
I am the sole and only owner of this account.
No account recoveries or bans, Guaranteed. 
This offer is for a specific account, No duplicate listings are ever made. 
This account's email has never been set. Making you the original owner.
Every PKer knows that if they plan on using Vengence or Ice barrage... Eventually they will need 94 Magic. So why put it off when you can start with it? Imagine Leveling your new Pure... Starting at 94 Magic opens the door to an exciting twist on your new Journey. You can have the Quests complete in a day and be the lowest level barrager out there! 94 Mage also makes earning GP a breeze and getting around the world a lot easier.
This account is also great if you plan on make a money making alt or skiller! 
With this account you don't have to dread wasting valuable time or burning through millions of GP getting magic to where you need it.
Did you know?
1-55 Magic takes 12 hours of splashing. 
55-94 Magic takes 100 hours for 119,622 Alchs.
That's 239,244 clicks... 
 Not including any additional quests or items is the ONLY way I can can still sell this account so cheap. However, 1M is included as a gift to you. :)
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