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Good esteemed users of mmogah as you will appreciate I am selling this runescape account.

For reasons that I no longer have time to play the game and I think it is a waste to leave this account so I think about selling it.

I don't know if the price I ask for is the right one, but if you don't think so, you could put in the comments at what price they would buy it and I see if it seems right.

I only ask for your help in this I really need the money, here I leave my email in case you want to contact me to know how to pay.

Email: [email protected]

Postscript: I need the money urgently if I see that the buyer fulfills his part of paying me, I will give him the bill right away as my thanks for helping me. I need the money for material goods

Please comment and make offers ... thanks in advance greetings from Venezuela ;)