• ESO: Magicka Necromancer DPS Leveling Build Guide
    By Michel Z2019-05-23 00:00:00

    Necromancer is the newest class introduced in the Elsweyr update. (If you only have access to the base game, you can buy Necromancer in ESO Crown Store or use your gold to buy this class from other players.) This class focuses on damage dealing, and many abilities have Magicka and Stamina morphs available to suit different playstyles. This build is intended to act as a framework for you to follow.



    Necromancy, though, is still shunned by some in Tamriel, so be careful when using certain skills around Justice NPCs or you'll receive a bounty and become attack on site (the abilities that will cause this to happen are marked in their tooltip). When built correctly, easy and effective builds can be made, making the leveling process even easier. There is also and cheap ESO Power Leveling service that allows you to skip the grind and jump into your favorite part in the game. 



    ·High Elf


    ·Dark Elf




    ·5 light

    ·1 medium

    ·1 heavy

    ·Destruction Staffs (Dual) OR Destro/SnB or Resto for PvP

    Note that the gear weight spread is a recommendation, not a strict rule for leveling. If you get better pieces as you level, feel free to replace them (just try to have more of the main gear weigh than the others).


    Attributes: All in magicka


    Vampire vs Werewolf vs Mortal

    Vampire or Mortal: Vampire is great for the extra magicka recovery if you need it but can leave you very squishy to fire, especially in PvP. If you feel like your build could use an additional 10% magicka recovery from the vampirism passives, then you can pick up vampirism. If you feel your sustain is fine or PvP is your main priority, you may want to choose to remain mortal.


    Mundus: Apprentice


    Potions and Food

    Potions: Magicka

    Food: Not mandatory, but if you can find some, try to get stuff that increases either your health, magicka, and/or magicka recovery.



    You'll want to do your best to have one ability from each class tree on both your front and back bar. When you get XP, whether it be from killing monsters or quests, the abilities on your active bar are the ones that get XP as well as their respective skill lines.


    If you have abilities on a skill bar you want to level up, you can switch to that bar when handing in a quest or completing a dungeon to give them and their skill lines a surge of experience. You will notice I frequently recommend the first skill of a skill tree as a choice just to help you start getting that skill line leveled. If you want to level another weapon or skill tree without using that weapon or skill, simply placing a skill from that tree on your ability bar helps it get XP when you gain experience on that bar. You don't have to use it!


    Abilities - PvE

    ·Bone Tyrant -> rPjbYxm3VjiQQd7bX6z90GluAU4mzXPcobD5YUCD Death Scythe -> RvXTY6MfYcjbknpuqFLZNt3LslIyknwRnnTQcbbP Hungry Scythe

    ·Grave Lord -> Oan18PEJBXv7tfiwWekvopgdbM1g0d4HViz0vKCq Flame Skull -> NgKFschc3jINAPNvMlV1iMVbX1BKUPUy9yf6A5WP Ricochet Skull

    ·Grave Lord -> q7eFlEgYXhIrK6erPfK7oYGyr5WGsNeBOnUZh0HD Blastbones -> IToYxCqLaQWzMjwJ1glAhYGnQVxCmGLCY25f1Ywp Stalking Blastbones

    ·Grave Lord -> HOGjlihfXnmpi6YJCNAgsL1IwCtXcs9CUoG6sNiL Boneyard -> ZzO2dnLxvDxLhXxXEW3ARwbrvxm04WhIJvk4M96F Avid Boneyard

    ·Grave Lord -> 0tLZQWRBx9SUINBJ3i6g8IpRVyOSs7DIReVDsitW Skeletal Mage -> iIEEietpKOzLO0Nn3H8990Xi3HgeUW9qQHC2G42l Skeletal Arcanist

    ·Grave Lord -> x5vMNfHebTCkkeMklqMDqpHzWovtoihIHaeGYpVP Shocking Siphon -> 0pMWUhW90zb1SvdZmy8XW0LfJfD14rmzWu0guVyr Mystic Siphon

    ·Living Death -> e4dLlwNfXbeCTzsKAYpvIWpwKqOco2kbvAfUzfPw Render Flesh -> zGrj09avzPZM8XPmlFjpns40dvueKyaAM0N9JUpC Resistant Flesh

    ·Mage's Guild -> wZPQ3Tuw8vqh3HxQeKAroy1MlguHpx8jF0KJesBW Magelight-> LLRuWH4oVwldHrgiJQPyoLnEEMrL87LeYP7hOsgy Inner Light

    ·Fighter's Guild -> 6HZ0o2ojDupc6PIeTExp5rOecq8XxOHELkV2QHPw Trap Beast -> cGMweAFrMKCveOzvWy6wGXWn70CLfKJPKFYjL0vF Rearming Trap

    ·Light Armor -> p5efcd9UhmZGAJ1PKf85UKHvLs0g1dc75WEVgoAt Annulment -> vYm4yROPKH0TEJwK8rH0EskGVKggS9e5o7xsidTq Harness Magicka

    ·Destruction Staff -> pMAca5bhazFucYnMoydOjkKeCXbP1Bqj2Fdi9TMS Force Shock -> fOSo231TiATkkOxiKl4vVWV9keq0oxoVN5EZw6ff Force Pulse

    ·Destruction Staff -> 7g9Tamhnck7sLxsIXXD4TxcxM0J2dYas2bSrrXvj Wall of Elements -> YAJURHIJrPTDAHDQGbkIvRXLTbBNCa7VXq0xmYCV Elemental Blockade

    ·Destruction Staff -> 8fc0sFuJ3hyn7h23EjwzxzFqqoBmyGO6XcsBUERf Weakness to Elements -> 1YCF9XySoe0CjpULUDKaIHnMfaNQATEewB4h7V5L Elemental Drain

    ·Psijic Order -> pZFwm4BzeQWnWK0QjylHp0cIklT736HYdCrH9LEfAccelerate -> QmblsVLMv5m0tjylTBMC0SZPIujIAb2AhbFe037UChanneled Acceleration (Race Against Time if you PvP)


    ·Additional abilities for PvP Include:

    ·Living Death -> DuEkmG9ejRC5Z2unx9eaKUNmWJNdwExxigMUpieN Expunge -> Either Morph

    ·Living Death -> CMqACd8DwxtAyCBzwe8G2k3ytnZtD3HvHhDysyEU Spirit Mender -> KzYLT7KYOtQu74sqEL1NUvZBOd2HF6Ye5hRQ5MNl Spirit Guardian

    ·Living Death -> hlngxmTDTQpU8C4Wj6owWuZoOvl6gxLPiQJUvRtZ Restoring Tether -> LLylMSwKnj37tlLZdwjKxrLHLhiFBc0P6fSomC5u Mortal Coil

    ·Bone Tyrant -> moVCkhtIahrrO6dwKn5c2GW8XoyBxw3rnimkG0JK Bone Armor -> kHNOajTJpB0TpAkkzRcl1vJv4nRrkdAXRLHkCgwV Summoner's Armor

    ·Bone Tyrant -> tmqThm8tW9DRoNVPQdL9bDarZuyMmpVbEWFUEWYG Bitter Harvest -> Either Morph

    ·Destruction Staff -> 7pcuxx3gNe6HqsXgB3PwDcejStDFpEM7NOPyq5wo Destructive Touch -> Either Morph

    ·Restoration Staff -> OfAVRIiAfP5pFdfL0dyek0an2tDxDctHCOvYkMz8 Steadfast Ward -> pEQk0qipo2el3Rnezxz7gddT9hDMGVQMs4IQ8s4K Healing Ward

    ·Mage's Guild -> WAE9xCiNj7IJ2iBnkT43yAzbkWY77uCweCf7iZQh Entropy -> DL6dOK9tmNBWlwvRFFT3io0hePDRM7DiVQE6fTaN Degeneration



    Grave Lord -> iuHZ0KlFJtukVyznAWyTGYijj4vbe1cmsqv3Py8g Frozen Colossus -> yE1LR1oQYSlxWU5aHD9I3TSwYA60CTo65FsXcBHj Glacial Colossus

    Mage's Guild -> OlFCk0p8d1yTwh3AOsZCrIymb7AuGJMxtge6I3qV Meteor -> rbFyd2ru01eMLwyVkQB7TVLAhMpzOscASLFeIaTp Shooting Star

    Restoration Staff -> izN80lWJMZJh0a13HwFC84NIIJ2gL553vNuwT8V2 Panacea -> Either Morph

    One-Handed and Shield -> gyWBHUCWFhfrezHYgrIltIqZI6HkQtygniROLr9G Shield Wall -> lzKem3rFsa8MmV6TA0Jw5IIULXdORJhb6cuuv2Ka Spell Wall

    Living Death -> G4cJROOT0GFI14SEJKXULhVnSIi5bZmMEnstSPHY Reanimate -> 69z5usGA2jeCmI3L3iTr5TI7sidKlG4INXI9oT29 Animate Blastbones



    ·Bone Tyrant

    ·Grave Lord

    ·Living Death


    ·Light Armor

    ·Destruction Staff

    ·Optional: Restoration Staff or 1h and Shield passives for PvP

    ·Vampirism Passives (except Savage feeding and blood ritual)

    ·Alchemy – Medicinal Use

    ·Mages Guild

    ·Fighter's Guild – Banish the Wicked


    ·Psijic Order

    ·Once these are acquired, get the passives from the other armor skill lines except for those requiring you to wear five pieces of that gear type.


    1. Try to use any abilities that give you a buff first so they make any abilities you use afterwards stronger or help you stay alive longer.


    2. You optimally want to use any dots in your build first, so use each dot you have on your enemies, weaving a light attack in between each of them.


    3. You should have one spammable ability in your build to use when all your dots are up and you don't need to buff yourself. If you don't want a spammable skill, heavy attacks will be your spammable.

    4. Use any CC, shields, and heals as needed. You want to optimally make sure you have a few of these at your disposal when making a build for general playing.


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