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Elden Ring Discovery & Arcane - Increasing the Chance of Items Dropping

It is not a good experience when players spend several hours running around like a headless chicken farming Elden Ring Items but are not getting many of them. Is there anything to help players avoid this situation? Well, Stats like Discovery and Arcane can affect the likelihood of items dropping. This time, MmoGah will share Arekkz Gaming's videos about the two stats to increase the chance of dropping Elden Ring items.


Elden Ring Discovery&Arcane - Increasing the Chance of Items Dropping



It is an essential stat for increasing the chance of getting items when players defeat enemies. The higher its value is, the higher chance of dropping items players can have. If players want to get rare items, getting Discovery of high values can give them more possibilities.



Arcane is one of the stats that players can spend Elden Ring runes on to level up. It can be related to many other stats such as Discovery, Vitality, and Holy Defense. It is a primary stat to influence Discovery. So players can invest points to the Arcane stat to improve Discovery stats. Every time players put a point in Arcane, they can also get one point in Discovery.


Some Elden Ring Items We Use to Increase Discovery/Arcane


Silver Scarab

It is a talisman that gives 75 Discovery, which is really quite big compared with giving from Arcane. Even if players reach the maximum in arcane after doing hard work to level up, they will only give 99 in Discovery. But when players use Silver Scarab, they can get 75 Discovery right away. So Siver Scarab is very helpful for getting items. And it can sell for 500 runes.


Silver Scarab is very easy to miss naturally, and players may probably go back to find it. If you haven't got it already, you can follow the steps below to find it.

1. You need to collect both pieces of the medallion, then go to the Grand Lift of Rold and select "Hoist secret Medallion" to access the Hidden Path to the Haligtree of Consecrated Snowfield.

2. Follow the path until you can see this gap in the railings and drop down to an invisible platform.


Silver Scarab


3. Walk to a small room, then break the hidden wall behind the Grave Glovewort [9].

4. Find a chest that contains the Silver Scarab.


Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot

It is a Consumable Item that can sell for 100 runes, and it can increase Discovery by 50 for 3 minutes. It is an absolutely fantastic item to increase the chance to get items, but players need to get Missionary's Cookbook [3], which is hidden on one of two corpses in the Smoldering Church, and other crafting materials such as Rowa Fruit.


Smoldering Church


Silver Tear Mask

It is a helm, which is an individual piece and doesn't belong to any set. And it is dropped by the Mimic Tear boss in Nokron, Eternal City. Silver Tear Mask can increase Arcane by 8.


Mimic Tear



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