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Patch 7.2 PTR New Battle Pets in World of Warcraft

Now, there are new battle pets to check out and Legion Patch 7.2 is on the PTR. Take a look at the new battle pets coming to World of Warcraft Legion in the upcoming Patch 7.2. When it lands there will be The Broken Shore to explore as a new zone, new Class Order Hall pets for Death Knights, Monks and Rogues and more, however Patch 7.2 release date isn’t available yet.

New Pets

There are 8 determined pets coming in Patch 7.2 currently. Here's a summary of what's to come:

1 battle pet from the Rogue Order Hall

1 pet from an unknown source

3 Death Knight-themed whelping’s

3 dropped pets from a new reward bag


A new feature and challenge for Pet Battlers will be bought in Patch 7.2: a Pet Battle Dungeon. Requirements: players must be level 110 and have a level 25 pet. There are 7 Stages in the Pet Battle Dungeon. Not a short run, so be prepared to sit down and do some Pet Battles.


New Feature: Pet Battle Dungeon

The Pet Battle Dungeon begins with a quest in Dalaran (Broken Isles). Head to Breanni's shop and an NPC will offer you a new quest (A Call from the Caverns) if you are level 110 and have at least one level 25 battle pet.


There are 7 Stages in this Pet Battle Dungeon, comprised of 11 different encounters you'll need to complete. Be prepared to set aside some time for some serious Pet Battling. All enemy pets are level 25 and have either the Elite or Boss passive. Note the opponents during Stage 1, as these 3 pet-types will be found throughout the dungeon.


Stage 1 - Defeat 3 different pets, Deviate Smallclaw (common beast), Deviate Chomper (common aquatic), and Deviate Flapper (common flying)


Enemy teams are "locked" per instance. Each pet comes with 2 adds. The pets are all level 25, common quality, and have the Elite passive. If you leave and rezone, the secondary pets on the enemy teams may change slightly. Leaving the dungeon resets your progress, so only exit if you're ok with restarting the entire run.


You can heal/revive on the initial run. We don’t know if this is a bug or intended, but forfeiting most fights will result in your pet team taking damage.


Stage 2 - Defeat Son of Skum (epic beast, 1745 HP, 305 Power, 294 Speed). One level 25, epic quality enemy pet with the Boss passive.


Stage 3 - Defeat 3 different pets and their teams Phyxia, Dreadcoil, Vilefang (all uncommon beasts). Similar to Stage 1, each encounter comes with 2 adds. All level 25, varying quality, Elite passive.


Stage 4 - Defeat Hiss (epic beast, 1614 HP, 319 Power, 311 Speed). Same as Stage 2, one level 25, epic quality enemy with Boss passive.


Stage 5 - Defeat 2 different pets and their teams, Growing Ectoplasm x2 (both rare magic pets). Each enemy comes with 2 adds; all level 25, varying quality, Elite passive. Traveling to each battle requires running up a long tunnel. There are pulsating mushrooms (they're attackable) spread out around there that give you a stacking movement speed (debuff: Bilebloat).


Stage 6 - Confront the Shadowy Figure (There's no battling for this objective). There's no actual Pet Battling for this objective. Simply walk up to the shadowy NPC lying on the ground (he gets up once you get close enough, you can follow him). Some dialogue/RP will occur, and you'll move onto the final stage.


Stage 7 - Defeat Budding Ever living Spore (legendary elemental, 2231 HP, 353 Power, 300 Speed). Single pet fight against a level 25 legendary with the Boss passive.


Once you've completed the final stage, you can jump down the cliff and speak with the NPC who will teleport you out. Currently, if you complete the quest, zone out, and then zone back in, all of the enemy pets will reappear inside.


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