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WoW Classic Naxxramas Guide: Dungeon Dives Part Two

By Shirley Huang
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Last time we have introduced wow classic naxxramas guide: dungeon part one. Today we continue introducing wow classic naxxramas guide part two.  

Naxxramas is the last raid in Classic WoW, filled with dangerous bosses and amazing loot. Let's learn how to navigate this raid in this last episode of Dungeon Dives! This is a real player Platinum WoW's video guide. All of the content is quoted from this video.   

Construct Quarter

In the Construct Quarter, you will find a bunch of these flesh golems. Most of them do aoe and are pretty dangerous, so just take this part nice and slow. When entering the next big room, clear out a safe area to pull the next boss patchwerk.

Patchwerk doesn't have many mechanics, his main mechanic is that he hurts a lot, your healers will be tested on how fast they can click one button on one character for an extended period of time. Patchwerk's main ability is hateful strike, this is a melee attack that will do a monster amount of damage to a player in melee range that is second, third or fourth on the threat table, and has the most health, so it's very important melee dps in your group, watching the threat meter, so they don't get installation by the boss.

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What you need is you need to have some off tanks ready to soak this ability. This fight is fast, it's dirty and there is not much to talk about at 5%, and he will enrage, but if your healers just keep pressing that one button really fast and hard, this boss should be dead.  


When entering to the next boss, there are living poisons on the ground, and they move very slowly from one side of the platform to the other. If you touch them, you instantly die, so please don't be that one guy in your raid that dives to the extremely slow-moving slimes.

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In the next room, you'll have to clear out these abominations called Stitched Spewers.

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They will uppercut your tank, which knocks them up in the tank. They knock them up in the air and wipe the threat, so you'll need another tank to pick them up and they do aoe poison damage.

Clear out all of these mobs before engaging the next boss Grobbulus. When tanking Grobbulus, you need to be slowly dragging him around the room, because he will leave fart clouds in his wake that deal damage. When you stand in them, he will also place a disease on a random member of the raid called Mutating Injection, this can be cleansed by a healer, but after it is cleansed, it will leave a fart cloud, so it's important to wait for the player to run to the side of the room. Before they get dispelled, you can also just let the disease fall off by itself, but it will just do more damage. If you do it that way when dropping off Mutating Injection.

Make sure you don't stand in front of the boss, because he also uses an ability called Slime Spray, this is a cone of aoe damage. Any target hit by it, this target will summon a fallout slime, so if you do this mechanic right, there should only be one slime. Because it will only be hitting your tank, also there is a mechanic called Slime Stream where if a person with the highest threat isn't in melee range of the boss, he will destroy your raid, so just kite him very slowly and don't try to do any weird cheesy stuff at 30, he will start using

mutating injection, but as long as you don't corner yourself with fart clouds, you should be good.


The next boss Gluth, you'll need to run through the fart tunnel of naxxramas, you take continuous poison damage here, so if you're feeling extra cautious and you can pop a nature resistance potion. Once you jump down to the other end, you'll be instantly thrown into the next boss fight.

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Military Quarter

When fighting through the might of naxxramas, the most important trash you'll face is the Death Knight Captain who does some chunky aoe damage to your melee that also stuns them. Another foes at death knight cavaliers who have a stacking debuff that does more damage over time, so the longer they're alive, the more damage they're going to do, so you just need to focus them down as fast as possible. Clear out the area, and then we can face the first boss Instructor Razuvious.

It is special because he hurts a lot so much. In fact he can't really be tanked instead this fight is very similar to ferlina. In the fact that you'll need a priest to mind control his adds to tank him instead. These adds will need to tank the boss right here, this is the line of sight, so it doesn't target the ranged of your group, your player tanks will need to hold the adds right here, so they won't be killed, they just need to be kept here, so your priest can mind control them, and use them to tank the boss before this.




Before you engage this boss, Frost Resistance is a very important part. This is the minimum amount of frost resistance and you will need unbuffed. In order to survive, these encounters can be argued that you might need more or less, but this is just what I've seen online.

Let's get started Sapphiron that has a big room to fight him. For the purpose of reducing the amount of running around, you're need to do during this fight. Sapphiron has a frost aura that has a range of 100 yards that will do ticking frost damage to everybody, this is a big reason why you want to bring frost resistance gear, you will also cast a blizzard that will slowly drift around the room. Try to avoid it, you also apply a curse to random players in your raid that will drain their health and increase his health, so this needs to be decursed as fast as possible.

This phase is a dragon, so don't stand behind him, get tail swiped and don't stand in front of him, because he does cleave 45 seconds into the fight, the boss will fly into the air and he will cast five ice bolts at random players. When these ice balls connect with a player, they will do aoe damage that has a range of 10 yards, and they will turn these players into a ice cube. Everyone in your raid needs to hide behind the ice cube players to survive the frost breath. After the frost breath is casted, you will go back into phase 1, and this process repeats. In order to kill this boss, your raid will need to come prepared with the appropriate amount of gear consumables, especially during the air phase. If you can do that, you can slay the most challenging dragon in classic wow.



This fight starts once your raid enters the center of the room. This fight consists of fighting off waves of undead that enter from the portals around you for five and a half minutes. Here's the ad you're going to fight, the soldiers will need to be killed before they reach the center of the room, because they will explode once they've reached the middle of the soul cleavers, and they will do the exact same thing, but more dangerous. They need to be killed before they reach the raid. Finally the abominations will be the priority of the melee in your raid, these guys hit incredibly hard, and they apply a mortal strike wound debuff on your tanks. Phase one will last five and a half minutes, and will get more difficult over time. Just make sure that you're keeping all eyes on all sides of the room and manage these ads efficiently during phase two.

Kel'thuzad will teleport to the middle of the room and the real fight can start your whole raid, which needs to spread out evenly across the whole room. He will cast two frost related abilities. One is frostbolt volley that will hit everybody in your raid and this is why you need some frost resistance gear potions, and also bring some bandages with you. The second frost related ability you will cast is Frost Ball on your tank, this needs to be interrupted by the melee in your raid, because this will chunk your tank's health by a lot minutes.


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