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WoW Classic Naxxramas All Bosses Guide

By Shirley Huang2020-12-04

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Today we will share wow classic Naxxramas all bosses guide with wow classic fans, and this guide is from a player Farts Gaming. All the content of this article is quoted from his video.


30 seconds boss guide for each boss in Naxxramas raid for Classic Wow.


A new break-in tank the boss here facing away from the raid range and healers spread out around the boss. off tank the ads. The ads cleave and a main priority to nuke down as spawn periodically throughout the fight when the ants spawn they also come with a load of scarabs.

WoW Classic Naxxramas boss-1


If you die, you will spawn more scarabs. Kill them when the boss casts locus, swarm your tank needs to kite the boss around the room. The tank can avoid getting hit by the boss by using either a swiftness potion or having a hunter use aspect of the pack and running with them.




Grand Widow Faerlina

First they randomly charge in silence around them, so maybe kite them out of the group. If you can’t kill them fast enough, leave the other ads alive. Now the boss does a reign of fire ability, move out of that also a poison volley, and you can cleanse this, the boss will enrage every one minute, you need a priest to mind control one of the worshippers and cast the silence on the boss, it will dispel the enrage, kill the ad rinse and repeat kill that boss.




Tank this boss in the middle of the room facing away from everybody else, have two off tanks pick up all the small spiders in the room.

WoW Classic Naxxramas boss-2


Throughout the fight, they tend to spawn on opposite sides of the room, group them up and aoe them down, and then the boss will web wrap three people which knocks you back to the edge of the room and cocoons, you have a group of ranged assigned to attack these webs to get people out every 40 seconds, the boss will cast web spray, which will stun everyone in the raid for 8 seconds, you should pre-hop the tank and maybe pop some cooldowns too. If you need dispel poisons, you can use nature resist pots or gear if you suck kill it.


Noth The Plaguebringer

The main mechanic of this fight is all about decursing curse of the plaguebringer which it left too long will wipe the raid. You can tank this boss wherever he'll cast a blink which will slow everyone around him and drop aggro. Dps should hold off attacking him until the main tank gains aggro back. The blink usually coincides with add spawning off tanks pick them up and dps should swap to them and nuke them down. After 90 seconds, the boss will teleport away and you'll have to kill all the adds, the boss will stay here until the ads are dead or until 90 seconds has passed, this will happen two more times 110 seconds after it reappears, and again three minutes after the second time he reappears.

WoW Classic Naxxramas boss-3


Heigan the Unclean

Heigan the dirty. Get ready to kick people from your guild because this is without doubt the easiest boss in the game, ever the boss has a mana burn aura around him, so healers in range stand on the boss podium, whilst your melee and the tank boss on the lower ground. Tank him here to begin with the main mechanic will begin shortly, the room is split into four parts in which sludge will come out of the ground in three quarters of the room. Avoid this, the sludge will move across the room from left to right and back repeating until the second phase, also the boss will teleport people outside the room run back before phase two begins. The second phase is simply the same eruption mechanic just a bit quicker and the boss teleports to the podiums. Now the melee can laugh at the massively inferior ranged and healers fail at this mechanic, repeat kill the boss.



This boss is a big dps race spores will spawn throughout the fight. When they die we'll give five people around them a 50 increased critical strike bonus and no threat gain. Don't let this hit your tanks, and you need to make sure everyone gets this buff asap starting with your biggest pumpers. The main mechanic of this fight is corrupted mind which gives a one minute cooldown on healing spells, and you need to prioritize these heels to keep the tank up which means that dps should try and use health potions bandages & health stones to heal themselves. Judgment of light or poison cleansing totem can help alleviate. Some of the damage goes out after two minutes, the boss will begin casting inevitable doom every 30 seconds, this deals a lot of damage after five minutes, and he cast this every 15 seconds,  so hurry up and kill that boss.



This fight has pretty much one tactic which is hateful strike, and this deals a lot of damage to a person in melee range that both has the most health and is within the top four of threat, this won't hit your main tank. It is a good idea to have at least four tanks to be able to soak, these heads heal up the off tanks asap, and they can continue soaking the hateful strikes at 5%, the boss will enrage, so maybe hold cooldowns for that, otherwise he will enrage at seven minutes. Get ready to make quick work of patchwerk.



Pull this boss to the edge of the room, he drops a poison cloud on his location which expands over time, so you want to slowly kite him around the entire edge of the room. The whole time make sure the main tank is the only one in front of the boss as he casts slime spray which spawns a slime for every target that is hit nuke these down, you'll randomly inject players with mutating injection, the debuff lasts for 10 seconds and when it expires, it deals aoe damage and drops a poison cloud. Make sure to run away from the group when you get this and drop the poison cloud in a suitable location, so you're not going to mess up the tank route 30 seconds, he injects players more frequently, so kill the boss before you run out of room.




Tank this big boss faces in the door, the boss casts a 10 healing reduction every now, and then swap it four to five stacks, the boss will also fear everyone within 20 yards every 20 seconds, so each boss fears ward the tanks or prepares to die. Hunters need to track shot the enrage every 10 seconds, zomboys will spawn near the great at the back of the room, you need to have dps aggro and kite these, but keep them as far back as possible. Try to avoid getting hit by them slows and novas are very epic, every 105 seconds the boss will cast decimate, and they will begin walking to the boss to kill them all, so you should kill them before they reach the boss, otherwise they heal the boss after the third decimate, the boss will permanently enrage, so kill it quickly.



For the first phase, you need to split your raid into two groups. Kill them both within a few seconds of each other. Jump over this ledge and kick anyone that doesn't make it. First try two raid wide debuffs will appear on you, this is the polarity mechanic and you will be assigned charge of positive or negative split the room into two sides with negative on the left and positive on the right. Tank the boss in the center of the platform if you're stacked with the wrong polarity, you will cause and take damage from everyone around you if you're in the correct polarity, you'll get a big dps buff every 30 seconds, your polarity might change, so pay attention that you have five seconds to get to the right side before the effect begins to kill that boss.


Instructor Razuvious

For this boss you'll need at least two priests and four tanks. You should begin this fight with the priest mind controlling an ad and taunting the boss. Your tank should be assigned to pick up and add each tank, the boss allows you to easily line his disrupting shout, which can cast every 25 seconds. The main tactic is to keep subsequent mind controls on the ads to keep the boss tanked when a mind control is almost finished, the other pre should begin mind controlling another ad to taunt the boss, when the mind control is finished have your specified tank for that ad. Ready to pick it up, the ad should be healed whilst they're mind controlled as the boss hits way too hard for players to tank. Repeat this process until the boss dies.


GothChick the Harvester

GothChick splits the raid into two groups with equal tanks and healers. One side is melee, the other is ranged. Range goes on the live side merely on the dead side, range will want to prioritize unrelenting riders, then death knights and then trainees. When you kill a mob on the live side, it will respawn on the dead side for melee to kill the boss.



The Four Horsemen

For this fight you'll want at least 8 tanks and 12 healers. Each boss puts a unique stacking. For a while your job is to not go over three stacks. There is a safe spot in the middle of the room, you will be assigned to a group and rotate into attack the boss until you have three stacks, then you go back to the safe zone.

That deals a lot of damage, so prepare to heal the tank, so zeliok does a chaining holy raf that deals increased damage. More people stands at max range and spread out by at least 5 yards to avoid this melee shouldn't attack this boss, your dps will be killing thane and mograine. First once they are dead, you will join the tanks & healers on the other side of the room and assist in killing them.



This boss does a lot of frost damage, so you want to have resistance gear and potions while on the ground, you will need to avoid blizzards and decurse life drain on players when the boss flies up into the air, it will ice block five targets. The ice block also does aoe damage when it casts, so spread out if you can kill the boss. All you need to do is hide behind one of the five ice blocks. Now you just rinse and repeat until this boss is dead.




Pick up the abominations which deal a stacking mortal wound on the tank. Melee should nuke this down rain and kill the soul weavers as they'll knock people back when they get in melee range. The range will also need to kill the soldiers of the frozen waste as soon as possible, as they deal aoe damage on the entire raid when they hit someone.

Keep on interrupting and spreading, and you can kill this boss.



Pipe Boss & Slim Gauntlet and Shoutouts

This is one of the trickier bosses in knacks that you will encounter, however with good preparation you can avoid this raid. Your character is directly above the pipe and walk in the direction that the pipe travels. After some time walking, you will spot a large opening through try to avoid jumping off the pipe as this will cause you to no longer walk along the pipe, this is a boss you'll face just after patchwerk.

For this boss, I suggest you turning the game settings right down to boost maximum frame rate.


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