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WoW Classic Naxxramas Mage Farming Guide

By Shirley Huang2020-12-18

Welcome to our gold farming guide for Mage, where you can learn the best ways to farm wow classic gold with a Mage in WoW Classic. This video is from Damnboi, in which he shares some ways of farming gold (Mage farm DUO/TRIO/QUARTRO) in WoW Classic Naxxramas. All the content is quoted from his video.



In this video, I will show you how to DUO/TRIO/QUARTRO farm Naxxramas trash as a team of Mages. You don't have to reset and will never be locked, so you can farm it as much as you want.


We're going to show the differences between them, and tell you how fast it is. We're going to look at the evade spots that are very important, especially when you get started and reset the mobs. Of course, we are going to look at the loot table, how just this pull works.


Loot Table

Let's get into it. You are going to kill nine goals, infectious goals and they have a 100 chance to drop a scrap, so you can get all four scraps and get one from each goal. The ones that are hardest to come, and the side is the war torn chain scrap, then the leather one, cloth and plate drop pretty regularly, they have a higher chance drop on top of that word of thawing.


These are used to get frozen runes inside knacks, they have around 11 chance drop, so you get approximately one, every clear you do nine mobs. On top of that which is not included in the classic wow gold power, you can get trashy picks and get a pair of male shoulders, plate shoulders, cloth chest, best and slot warrior chest that is actually leather male belt, plate belt, male legs and plate legs. This matrix I actually had one of these dropped yesterday in a seven hour session, sticking ball buckler as well, harbinger of doom.


This is second beast for dagger rogues in off hand and a really great weapon for warriors and great maze for pvp rogues as well. The items you want to sell here is misplaced server on, I would say you could sell it from anywhere between 3k and 6k gold, harbinger of doom same applies 3-6k vanilla wow gold. Misplayed server arm is the most rare of the two, so I would sell this for more ring of the thing on the flame. I think mages will form this themselves, otherwise you could sell them for probably around 2-3k gold. You do not get saved when you're doing these runs, because you actually don't reset instance. If you reset the instance, it doesn't matter you only get saved. if you loot, you can use a word of throwing to get frozen runes.


Evade/reset spots


WoW Classic Naxxramas mage-1 


If you kill a boss or you're selling the epic, the person who wants to buy it has to be inside the instance all the time. Of course he does not have to log out or anything. Anyway for the evade spots, these are very practical when you get started, you're going to probably use them a couple times in the start at least. If you do the pulls wrong or something like that, but this is the first spot you basically. Just run over here to the spider wing, jump up on this ledge, stand here and wait till you're out of combat. Sometimes if the mobs are very close to you, it might take quite a while to reset, so I would go to the second of eight spot. If you're further away from the mobs, go over here, stand and wait. I did experience sometimes when the mobs were very close that you had to wait a couple of minutes  before they left combat. Do remember though the people who wants to buy the apex has to be inside the instance, they can be 100 FK, because you're not going to be resetting, you're just going to be waiting the slimes, and then the goals will actually respawn, so that is very simple.


The Pull

As for the pull, the way it works is you only need a lip for every clear, so that is around 4-5 gold I need on servers, so it costs around 2-3 gold depending on how many mages you're doing this with per clear pretty damn awesome. You do not need a center speed potion, and you only need to bring a little bit of focus and there you have some easy gold, so the pull works like this: you have three packs, one on the left, one on the right and one straight ahead, and you should mark all the slimes, so you can keep a track of where they are.




WoW Classic Naxxramas mage-2 


You're going to do a blizzard here for 2-3 seconds on the first pack, then you're gonna blink right away and you're gonna body pool or fire blast. The right pack you are gonna it's kinda spelled back in the front, and then you're gonna lip when they get close to you, and then you do an over and you actually would the preferred way to do.


Anyway this is the two man farm basically. Both of the mages are gonna be spamming blizzard, the one who's kiting in this case. I'm gonna be spamming max rank blizzard, and anyway goes, so you can keep them aligned, the other mate is just going to be spamming rank 1. Of course you're doing max rank blizzard whenever he gets a clear cast, but as you can see I'm spamming max rank as much as possible. Here an important thing is when the tick of your improved blizzard is on the mobs and it gets lower than two to three seconds. If the other mate is not doing it, as you can see we're running at the same time. It is not a great idea what you should be doing is your one major casting blizzard, the other one runs this guy starts casting blizzard, and then the other one runs. You should note on the two-man pull, and if you want to use your invocation, you can kill them faster. The two-man pull takes around 20 minutes.




WoW Classic Naxxramas mage-3 


When you go to three man mage pool, you will still have one guy kiting. But if you have the marauder dagger which most people have, it will only takes 50 kills approximately to get. It is 2% drop chance from the princess in rod, you will be having one mage spamming arcane explosion. With the talent, you have reduced arcane damage threat by 40. As for the frost, you have 30 reduced on frost spells, so you will not be getting angry very fast.


I start spamming some rank 1 arcane explosions, and I'm getting mana back 300. The spell only costs 75 man as far as recalls, you're actually getting mana back this way and you do a lot of damage as well, but of course when you get a clear cast, you can use your max rank arcane explosion and you can actually spam max rank arcane explosion. You just got to be wary if you get threat always have your eyes on the threat meter. When you're doing this pull and doing arcane explosions as for dying and stuff as long as you don't get too close to the goals, and you don't have threat out and aggro on them, you can't really get one shot by them, but if you stand on top of them, they will hit you no matter what the slimes. On the other hand, they actually change aggro.


If you get really close to slime, it's going to start targeting you, but I haven't really figured that part out yet, but anyway you can see in the three man pool, the slimes are converging now, you gotta watch out. Don't get hit by the slimes, make sure to mark them, and when the slimes are converging, make sure to have one guy slowing the goals. If they run free, they will catch up you quickly and they will kill you.



Let's move on to the four man pool. As for the four man pool, the pool initial is the same. By the way the gargoyle as you can see flying there, actually resets when he gets out here, so don't worry about that one. When you do the poll, you have to focus and wait for him to run out of line sight. When you're doing the first blizzard with four mages, the kill time is 7-9 minutes. When we do four mages, we always have 1mage -2 dying a couple of times because they get too eager to kill them faster. What you're gonna be doing here is the exact same as the three-man pool, but you will have two mages.


One thing to remember is that you are more dependent on the other mages, since if they slack it's gonna take longer time and you're gonna get less loot or you're gonna clear it slower. As you can see the slimes are converging, just always have a mage slowing the goal. That is pretty much the four-man pool or the three-man pool is the ones. As you can see here, I'm actually just sitting there vaping chilling getting very good gold. Last night I was doing this, I actually got around six to seven hundred gold an hour by doing this.



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