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How to Get Full Gear Before WoW TBC Phase 2

Burning Crusade Classic Phase 2 will launch on Sep 15, so now is the best time to obtain gear & newer avenues of gearing.


Gear is a huge part of TBC classic. Even if it is 0.1% stronger than your opponent's, you should obtain it, thus making your character more powerful. Today MmoGah.com is going to share with you some efficient ways to get more gear. 


tbc gear-1


Quest Gear

Most players choose to level up by doing questing, especially in Phase 2. Some quests in Outland offer some quite strong gear for many classes, such as Pre-Raid BiS Gear.


In order to finish the Overlord quest, you have to kill Arazzius the Cruel and assemble or join a group of 3 - 4 players of level 60 to take it on. After that, it will reward you with one of the strongest Pre-Raid BiS Trinkets. There are a lot of quests that offer Pre-Raid BiS Gear, so you should always check your Pre-Raid BiS list before you start leveling. If you play a Holy Priest at level 70, you shouldn't pick the Shadow Spec rewards from those quests. Otherwise, you'll be missing out on this easy quest gear.


Reputation Gear

The next easiest way to grab some strong gear at level 70 is on the reputation vendors. If you reach level 70, you're more likely to obtain a lot of reputations, and that's a perfect time to go to those reputation Quartermasters around the world and look for what they can offer. 


tbc gear-2


Let's talk about the new gear in Phase 2: PvP faction gear. This gear is not only good for PvP but also quite strong for PvE. It is worth buying and on par with Normal Dungeon and Heroic Dungeon gear. In some cases, the best gear is the Glove, which provides a special bonus for each class. For example, Hunter increases multishot damage by 5%, and Paladin's Judgment of the Crusader does more damage, so make sure to go over reputation vendors, grab some gear to help you out in PvP, and have some decent gear for PvE.  


BoE Blue Gear

Classic TBC has run its course for over 3 months, and now we have an opportunity to get some strong gear for low prices, such as the Valanos' Longbow.


tbc gear-3


It is easy to obtain Valanos' Longbows for Hunters as they can farm Steamvault Heroic Dungeon or Shattered Halls Heroic Dungeon to get reputations. It dropped a lot in value, going down to 16 gold currently on my server - Pyrewood Village EU. I remembered this item needed over 100 gold at the start of Phase 1 as the demand was increasing. Now the demand is at its lowest point, so the price dropped a lot. Make sure to go over a list of BoE blue gear for your class and check what you can obtain on the Auction House, and you'll be surprised by how cheap some items are now.  


Crafted Gear

Crafted gear is similar to BoE Blue Gear, and by extension, the price of crafted gear has dropped significantly, and that gear is still Pre-Raid BiS or even BiS in certain cases.


Primalstrike Vest is a very strong item to have. In fact, I'm still wearing mine deep into Phase 1, and this gear dropped in value significantly since the start of Phase 1. Same thing for Spellstrike gear for caster, Spellcloth has dropped in value as all the alchemists do their cooldowns every day. Try to look for this strong crafted gear for your class, farm some WoW Classic TBC gold, and craft & buy gear. This is probably faster than doing dungeons.  


Normal Dungeons

Normal Dungeons are the place where you'll spend most of your time to gear up your character, as you can get some strong gear from here. Heroic Bosses have the same drop table as their Normal Dungeons with the addition of one or two pieces generally, so most people will spend most of their time in Normal Dungeons, farming bosses over and over again until their Pre-Raid BiS items drop.


tbc gear-4


Heroic Dungeons

It is different from Normal Dungeons as you can only do each Heroic Dungeon once per day, and they're significantly harder than their normal counterparts. For example, Blood Furnace is an absolute nightmare to do, while Remparts is very easy. But Heroic Dungeons can offer strong gear, notably an epic from the end boss of each dungeon. More importantly, the Badges of Justice are from every boss.


There are a lot of geared players around the world. And in Phase 2, those geared players will still be doing Heroic Dungeons until the expansion is over, so as a fresh player, you can get gear quite easily in Heroic Dungeons.


tbc gear-5


PvP Gear

PvP is not everyone's cup of tea, but there are some reasons to consider doing PvP. At first, Arena Season 2 is active in Phase 2, while the gear of Season 1 is on sale. It is very strong for many classes, even in PvE. For example, Enhancement Shaman's Best in Slot weapon in Phase 1 is the Gladiator Mace.  


Old Raids

These old raids (Blackwing Lair, AQ40, and Naxxramas) can still offer some decent gear for many classes. For example, Thunderfury is the best tanking weapon in the game.

If you're in a high-end guild, they'll most likely do old raids every week. It requires 40 players, and there will be a spot for you, so tune in on the fun for some decent gear along the way.


World Bosses

This is probably the hardest way to get gear in TBC. They are very difficult to kill, especially on PvP servers. Even getting a tag for one is a feat on its own because you'll be competing with other top-tier guilds on your server. World Bosses only spawn twice every week, assuming they get killed right away, so your chances of getting gear from those are quite slim. It means that they offer very strong gear, so if you run out of other options, you could consider World Bosses.


All the content is quoted from Classic WoW Curios’video.



Most players can't wait to play Phase 2. You can prepare everything now and jump into the game once Phase 2 releases. If you need WoW TBC gold or TBC Classic power leveling services, welcome to visit us.



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