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  • 8 Things You Need to Do Before TBC Classic Phase 2
    By Shirley Huang2021-08-06 00:00:00

    TBC Classic Phase 2 will probably be released at the end of August, so now is the perfect time to prepare for it. You need to be aware of the important things in advance to take full advantage of this upcoming phase and be one step ahead of everyone else. MmoGah, as a professional WoW TBC gold store, will go over 8 things that you need to do before Phase 2. let's get started.



    1. To Get Attuned to the New Raids

    First and foremost, you should get attuned to the new raids - Tempest Keep (TK) and Serpentshrine Cavern (SSC) before Phase 2. Attunement is still an integral part of the game. Getting attuned to TK & SSC is a long and arduous process, but everyone has to do it before putting his feet into these raids.


    You can go to Shattrath at A’dal, and it gives you three quests: Trial of the Naaru: Strength, Mercy, and Tenacity, which require you to complete four different dungeons in Heroic. Doing all of them can unlock a quest in Heroic Slave Pens. This quest requires you to kill Gruul and Nightbane, and you’ll be attuned to SSC. You can unlock a quest - Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon from A’dal, which requires you to kill Magtheridon, and you’ll be attuned to Tempest Keep. A lot of players will be focusing on doing this!


    2. To Buy or Farm Reagents

    The next thing you should prepare for is your crafted gear.


    wow tbc phase 2-1


    SSC and TK will introduce a lot of new recipes, which require Reagents. It means that the demand for those Reagents will go up, so the prices will rise. Whether you want to create some of these items in Phase 2 or invest some TBC Classic gold for a huge return, you need to be aware of these recipes and what they require. A very easy way to know what recipes are coming in Phase 2 is to search for Nether Vortex on Wowhead, and it will show the 20 recipes that require Nether Vortex, which is the new version of Primal Nether coming with Phase 2. I’m sure those are not the only recipes added with Phase 2, but those are a good start. Go over this list, look if you'll need something, and buy or farm the Reagents before their prices rise. You should know how to farm Nether Vortex efficiently once the raids drop.


    3. To Buy or Farm Your Badges

    Speaking of Primal Nether, it was originally obtained from each boss in Heroic dungeons, and that was the case in Classic TBC. However, in the first formal patch of TBC (Patch 2.1), Primal Nether was added to the Badge of Justice vendor and was still binding when picked it up, but you can buy 10 pieces of Badge of Justice in TBC.


    wow tbc phase 2-2


    Whether the Primal Nether will be introduced in Phase 2 or Phase 3, your Badges of Justice will become more valuable than now, so if you have a ton of badges, you couldn't go on a spending spree; if you don't have any badges, I suggest you do daily Heroic quests and start stockpiling them because not only will Primal Nether be added to G'eras, but also Nether Vortex will be added in Phase 5, so both of them will become tradable. You will also be able to buy Sunwell equivalent gear with Badges of Justice, so farm Badges of Justice early and often.


    4. To Stack Up Bottled Nethergon Energy

    This is a Mana Potion that drops from the trash inside the Tempest Keep 5-man dungeon. Nobody cares about it currently, so it is super cheap on the AH. The best way is to stack up 15 pieces of Bottled Nethergon Energy instead of 5 ones like the regular Mana Potions. Take advantage of this before the price rises.


    5. To Get Resistance Gear

    Let's talk about Resistance Gear. In Phase 2, there are 3 bosses you may need Resistance Gear to beat: Hydross the Unstable, Leotheras the Blind, and High Astromancer Solarian.


    For Hydross the Unstable, you'll need two tanks fully decked in Nature Resistance Gear and Frost Resistance Gear, and then an off-tank of two in a mix of Frost and Nature Resistance Gear for the addons. The reason for this is because the Hydross alternates between two forms in SSC. If you tank it without the appropriate Resistance Gear for that form, it will pretty much destroy you, so Resistance Gear for tanks in SSC is pretty much mandatory.


    Leotheras the Blind requires one person with full Fire Resistance Gear, and that's going to be either an actual tank or a Warlock tank to beat the boss once he goes in Demon Form. If you're tanking him and don't have Fire Resistance, you'll pretty much get destroyed, and Fire Resistance is mandatory.


    In the Tempest Keep, Solarian can do a lot of raid-wide arcane damage. If you want to be prepared for that and get her down as fast as possible, you should get Violet Badge - a trinket obtained from The New Directive quest in the chain for killing Prince Malchezaar. This is a very easy way to have a decent amount of arcane resistance & some stamina and not skim the raid damage completely, so you can do this quest. Make sure to restore it before it's gone.


    wow tbc phase 2-3


    6. To Spend Your Arena Points

    Let's talk about Arena points. All your Arena Points will be reset and converted to Honor Points in Phase 2. The formula for Arena Points has been adjusted to increase Arena Points awarded each week, so you need to farm them as many as you can and then spend them at the last minute right before your points are reset.


    wow tbc phase 2-4


    You can get a specific piece of gear or weapon, which is not only exclusive to PvP players. A lot of arena gear is really good in PvE, like the maces for Enhancement Shamans. Make sure to farm many Arena Points and spend them once the gear starts discounting.


    7. To Create a Guild Bank

    Guild Banks will be introduced in Phase 2, and it is one of the cheapest and best ways to store a lot of items or WoW TBC Classic gold very easily.


    wow tbc phase 2-5


    If you want to create your own personal guild, you will need 9 signatures from 9 different players. It is not too hard. You just go around the Stormwind or Orgrimmar and offer people 1 or 2 gold in exchange for a signature. Once that's done, go to the guild vaults added to every city's bank, and create your first guild tab.


    All of the content is quoted from Classic WoW Curios' video.



    8. To Get Ready for Bosses

    Finally, a lot of new bosses will be introduced in Phase 2. The best way to get ready for Bosses is to do the new raids on the PTR as you can practice and test them. Practice makes perfect.



    I am sure that most gamers can't wait to jump into Phase 2, so get everything ready for the coming phase. We hope the 8 things listed here would help.



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