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WoW TBC Classic: Best Investments for Phase 2

There are 5 phases in TBC Classic, and each new phase will bring new raids and PvP season. Phase 1 is available now, and it brings Karazhan (10-person), Gruul's Lair (25-person), and Magtheridon's Lair (25-person) raids, as well as 8 dungeons. Phase 2 will bring two new raids: a Serpentshrine Cavern( SSC 25-person) and The Eye at Tempest Keep (25-person).


tbc classic phase-1


The release date of Phase 2 has not been officially announced, but based on the history of WoW Classic, we estimate it will kick off at the end of August or in early September.


The prices of some items and materials will go up in Phase 2, so you can buy some of them now and sell them after Phase 2 comes out. Today MmoGah.com will share some important items or materials that you should invest in.


Iceguard Set

The important item I highlight here will be Iceguard set: Iceguard Breastplate, Iceguard Helm, and Iceguard Leggings. These items become handy when you fight the first boss - Hydross the Unstable in the new raid SSC. Meanwhile, your tank will take a lot of Thrust damage. If you have Resistance Gear, it will definitely improve your tanking. This boss requires players to have all sorts of different consumables. One of them is Frost and Nature resistance set, and you can create certain materials, such as Primal Fire, Primal Water, and Felsteel Bar, which are all needed for the Iceguard set.


tbc phase 2-2


In order to create the Iceguard set, you should have Frost Resistance. Now Hydross the Unstable's Water form is going to do a 5.5k Frost damage base as a melee attack. It cannot be blocked, so tanks will create this Iceguard set right, and once again, you'll need Primal Fire, Primal Water, and Felsteel Bar.


Major Frost Protection Potion

In order to craft these Major Frost Protection Potions, you are going to need Primal Water. You can also create a Cauldron of Major Frost Protection. Raid members can use it to conjure a Major Frost Protection Potion. It'll require two pieces of Primal Water in the case of the Frost Protection and take seven pieces of Mana Thistle & a Fel Iron Casing. Capitalize on this.


tbc phase 2-3


Windgurad Set

In order to create a Wildguard set, you will need Primal Life, Primal Shadow, and Felsteel bar once again, so you can see Felsteel bar is a common theme. This will probably be another really important investment as this item will definitely go up in value in Phase 2. New patterns will drop in Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, such as Belt of Blasting, Belt of the Guardian, Boots of the Protector, Hurricane Boots, Red Havoc Boots, and Monsoon Belt. All of these items require Primals, which will be excellent investments. Most of the Primals are a bit expensive, and in case Blizzard removes some Layers, their prices will be higher as it will be more difficult to grind them.



Flask will also become more useful in Phase 2. The content of Phase 1 isn't difficult, but everything will become a little bit more difficult in Phase 2. All these Flasks share one thing in common: you will need Fel Lotus to craft them, so make sure to pay attention to its price.


The price of materials for making Flask of Distilled Wisdom will potentially go up because Arcane will become a really good spec for Mage in Phase 2, but when you play Arcane, you will need a huge Mana Pool. The good thing about this Flask is that Intellect gives you Spell Critical Strike Rating and Spell Damage, so make sure to pay attention to the prices of Black Lotus, Icecap, and Dreamfoil.


There are some new professions' items in two new raids, which are mainly Primals and some other stuff. Some items require Primal Fire & Primal Water, and other items need Primal Air, so their prices will rise. I'm not recommending you buy them right away, as their demand won't stay this high all the time, so don't spend all your WoW Classic TBC gold on the Primals. Wait until their prices start to go down.


All of the content is quoted from the videos of Fakeqt and Toyhouze.



Lastly, I hope that this guide is useful for you, and you can click our TBC news page to learn more guides.



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