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WoW SoD Phase 4 Tier List Guide: DPS, Healer, and Tank Rankings

By Shirley Huang2024-05-10

WoW SoD has brought significant changes to the DPS rankings, particularly in Phase 4. The introduction of new Runes and adjustments to class mechanics have shaken up the established meta, leading to some surprising shifts in class performance. It's worth noting that Healer and Tank classes also play crucial roles in any raid composition. Their performance can indirectly affect the DPS output of a raid through support and damage mitigation.

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Factors Influencing DPS Rankings

•  New Runes: The introduction of powerful Runes has allowed certain classes to scale their damage in ways not previously possible.

•  Raid Meta: Changes in raid mechanics and boss encounters have favored certain classes over others.

•  Class Balancing: Ongoing adjustments to class abilities and mechanics have impacted the overall DPS landscape.


Here's a detailed analysis of the DPS rankings for Phase 4:

S-Tier Classes

Enhancement Shaman

With the ability to scale both Attack Power and Spell Power, Enhancement Shamans have become a powerhouse in the Season of Discovery. Their utility and damage output, especially with the new Runes, make them a top pick for any raid group.


Melee Hunter

A surprising entry into the S-tier, Melee Hunters have benefited greatly from the new Runes, allowing them to compete with traditional melee classes in terms of damage output.



Always a strong contender, Warrior continues to excel in DPS rankings, thanks to their consistent damage and ability to scale with gear.



Rogues maintain their position in the S-tier due to their high single-target damage and valuable raid utility.

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A-Tier Classes


Mages remain a solid choice for DPS, with their strong AoE and single-target capabilities.


Elemental Shaman

While not as strong as their Enhancement counterparts, Elemental Shamans still offer good damage and group support.



Ranged Hunters, while overshadowed by their melee specialization, still provide reliable DPS.



Warlocks' damage-over-time spells and AoE abilities keep them competitive in the A-tier.


B-Tier Classes

Retribution Paladin

Ret Paladin offers a mix of damage and utility, making them a versatile choice for raids.


Feral Druid

Feral Druid can contribute decent DPS while also offering the flexibility to off-tank or heal if needed.


C-Tier Classes

Balance Druid

Known for their 'Boomkin' form, Balance Druids struggle to keep up with other DPS classes but can still contribute to a raid's success.

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SoD Phase 4 has brought some exciting changes to the Tank and Healer rankings. Here's a detailed look at their rankings:

Healer Rankings

Arcane Mage (S-Tier): With new healing spells and mechanics, Arcane Mages have become top-tier healers.

Holy Priest (S-Tier): Priests excel in raw healing throughput, making them essential for any raid.

Discipline Priest (S-Tier): Discipline Priests offer strong healing and damage prevention.

Restoration Shaman (S-Tier): Restoration Shamans provide the best utility and support for raids.

Restoration Druid (A-Tier): Restoration Druids are solid healers with good throughput and versatility.

Holy Paladin (A-Tier): Holy Paladins bring valuable buffs and healing to the table.


Tank Rankings

Warrior (S-Tier): Warriors remain the best tanks in WoW Classic, excelling in damage mitigation and threat generation.

Shaman (S-Tier): Shaman tanks have emerged as a strong choice, especially for AoE burst and snap threats.

Warlock (A-Tier): Warlocks, particularly those with Demonology specialization, have become viable tanks with good utility.

Paladin (B-Tier): Protection Paladins offer a mix of tanking and utility, though not as strong as the S-tier classes.

Druid (C-Tier): Feral Druids have improved but still lag behind other classes in tanking capabilities.

Rogue (C-Tier): Rogues have entered the tanking scene but are considered less optimal than other classes.

Keep in mind that the tier list can be influenced by the player's skill level and unique circumstances in the game. As Phase 4 approaches, gathering more WoW Season of Discovery gold is essential, so it's wise to start acquiring it either by earning or buying it as soon as the new phase begins.



These rankings are crucial for players looking to optimize their gameplay, especially when choosing classes for raids and high-level PvE content. Players should consider not only the raw DPS numbers but also the utility and versatility that each class brings to a raid.




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