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Phase 3 SoD Tier List Guide: DPS, Tank, and Healer Rankings

By Shirley Huang2024-03-27

Good News! SoD Phase 3 will come on Apr 4 and introduce a wealth of new content for adventurers, including the level cap will be increased to 50, new Sunken Temple raid, new runes and gear slots, nightmare incursions, PvP ranks increased, new blood moon rewards, etc. Phase 3 will also bring significant changes to the meta, affecting DPS, Healers, and Tanks. Here's a comprehensive guide to the tier list rankings for each role.

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DPS Rankings


The elite classes of DPS are known for their unparalleled damage output and utility.

Fire Mages maintain their dominance due to consistent performance in previous phases and shine with their devastating area-of-effect spells and high single-target damage.

Warlocks - with the new Conflagrate and Backdraft runes, Warlocks are expected to see a surge in damage output, potentially leading to balance adjustments.



Shadow Priests, Elemental Shamans, and Warriors are highlighted for their strong performances. Shadow Priests excel in single-target damage with their full rotation and talents unlocked by level 40, making them a dominant force in A-tier.

Elemental Shamans boast powerful rotational abilities and strong burst damage, enhancing their raid utility, particularly in scenarios where melee classes are weaker.

Warriors, benefiting from the potent low-level raid gear, scale impressively, showcasing their strength across both cleave and single-target damage​.

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Hunters, Feral Druids, Rogues, and Balance Druids are in the middle of the pack.



Frost and Arcane Mages lag behind, needing more support to climb the ranks.


Tank Rankings

Shamans and Warlocks have made a mark as A-tier tanks due to their AoE capabilities and utility. Shaman tanks are prized for their AoE burst and snap threat, along with mana generation, which allows them to maintain high activity levels during fights.

Warlocks, while powerful in AoE tanking and bringing considerable damage, lag in single-target threat and overall durability compared to other tanks.

Druids and Protection Paladins find their place in the B-tier, with specific strengths making them viable options despite some limitations in damage output and flexibility​​.

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Healer Rankings

Druids are predicted to lead the healing charts with the new Fluorescence rune, enhancing their AOE and tank healing capabilities. Druids bring mana-free damage and are the only class with a combat resurrection ability, making them valuable despite the time it takes for their healing over time to take effect.

Restoration Shamans are noted for their utility in raids, offering significant buffs and mana regeneration despite lower overall throughput.

Holy Paladins excel in tank healing, with mana cost reductions and powerful healing runes boosting their healing potential, allowing for high efficiency in raids.


Bear in mind that the tier list can be affected by the player's proficiency and unique situations within the game. With Phase 3 on the horizon, it's wise to prepare and strategize early. Additionally, acquiring WoW SoD gold is crucial, so consider earning or purchasing it promptly with the commencement of the new phase.


Meta Shifts

The introduction of the Sunken Temple raid, a 20-player dungeon, is likely to influence group dynamics and class performance. The new content emphasizes the importance of adaptability and synergy between classes and their roles.


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Class Balance

It's important to note that class balance is dynamic, and rankings can change with hotfixes and patches. Players should stay informed about the latest updates to optimize their gameplay.


Strategic Consideration

Players should consider not only individual class performance but also how their class contributes to the overall group composition. The synergy between classes can often outweigh the raw output of a single class.


 Phase 3 is coming, so advance your characters to level 40 to be adequately prepared for the upcoming rise in the level cap. You can buy SoD boost to help you reach level 40 quickly.


SoD Phase 3 offers a fresh perspective on class performance, with new opportunities for players to explore. Whether you're a DPS, Healer, or Tank, staying adaptable and informed will be key to mastering the evolving meta.

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