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SoD Phase 4 New Runes and How to Obtain Them

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SoD Phase 4  will come on July 11 and introduce a new set of runes for each class, update changes in gameplay dynamics across various classes, adding exciting abilities. These runes require certain WoW SoD gold because they are essential for crafting and character progression, as new craftables and gear become available that may necessitate additional resources. Here's a brief overview of the new runes for each class and how players can obtain them.

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Druid New Runes

These new runes can enhance damage output and healing capabilities. Improved Swipe: This ability enhances the Swipe move for a Cat form, allowing it to deal 100% more damage and affect three additional targets when used in Bear form.

Starfall: The Druid summons a celestial event, causing up to 20 stars to fall over 10 seconds, striking enemies within 30 yards for Arcane damage. This ability has a 90-second cooldown and can be interrupted by loss of control effects, mounting, and shapeshifting. Tree of Life: When transformed into the Tree of Life, the mana cost for all Heal over Time spells is reduced by 20%. Additionally, all party members receive 10% more healing, the Druid's spirit is boosted by 25%, and their armor is increased by 200%. However, while in this form, the Druid is unable to cast any harmful spells.


Mage New Runes

New runes boost spells to increase their damage and utility.

Frozen Orb: The Mage releases a frost orb that inflicts damage on nearby enemies and slows them down. It also has the potential to activate the Fingers of Frost effect.

Arcane Barrage: This is an instant spell that deals significant arcane damage and has a 3-second cooldown.

Overheat: The Fire Blast spell can now be cast simultaneously with other spells, is not subject to the global cooldown, and will always result in a critical hit.


Hunter New Runes

Resourcefulness: This ability eliminates the mana cost for all traps (reduces by 100%) and reduces their cooldowns by 6 seconds.

Improved Volley: Volley damage is increased by 3% of the Hunter's attack power each time it inflicts damage.

Hit and Run: After using Raptor Strike, the Hunter's movement speed is increased by 15% for a duration of 4 seconds.

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Paladin New Runes

Shield of Righteousness, Righteous Vengeance, and Vindicator boost both damage output and defensive capabilities, providing a balanced improvement to a character's combat performance.


Warlock New Runes

Include Decimation and Infernal Armor, Mark of Chaos, enhancing critical damage and defensive stats.


Warrior New Runes

Fresh Meat, Sudden Death, and Shockwave improve damage and survivability during combat.


Priest New Runes

Include Binding Heal, Soul Warding, and Vampiric Touch, focusing on healing and mana regeneration.

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Rogue New Runes

Blunderbuss, Crimson Tempest, and Fan of Knives enhance damage output in various combat scenarios.


Shaman New Runes

Offer upgrades like Storm, Earth, and Fire, Feral Spirit, Coherence optimize elemental attacks and utility.


How to Get New Runes

Dungeon Drops: Runes can be found as drops in various dungeons and raids, providing players with powerful passive effects that enhance gameplay.

Raids Drops: Runes may drop from bosses in raids such as Molten Core.

Quest Rewards: Some runes may be obtained through the completion of specific quests within the game.

Purchased from Vendors: Some runes can be purchased from vendors in major cities or from specific faction vendors.

Crafting: Certain runes might be crafted if you have the right profession and materials.

Each class will have access to unique runes that cater to its specific needs, such as defensive runes for warriors or utility runes for mages, enhancing gameplay diversity and strategy. Season of Discovery boost services are sought after so that runes can efficiently navigate the enhanced leveling changes and quickly access new class-specific runes and gear upgrades.


Each of these runes can be equipped in the cloak slot and offers unique enhancements that can redefine class roles and strategies in both PvP and PvE settings. This update encourages players to experiment with different playstyles, adding depth to the gameplay experience.



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