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Phase 4 SoD Warrior Guide: Best Builds, New Runes, BiS Gear, and Leveling Guide

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WoW SoD Phase 4 will be released on July 11. Strong Warriors will have a host of changes and new additions that have impacted their gameplay significantly across both PvE and PvP modes. Here's a detailed guide covering the Warrior class changes, best builds, BiS gear, new runes, talents, and leveling strategies.


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Warrior Changes

The Warrior class has undergone several adjustments to enhance their combat effectiveness. Notably, the damage of the Raging Blow has been increased to 100% of weapon damage, and its cooldown is reduced by 1 second when you use another melee ability while enraged. This change aims to reward Warriors with more dynamic gameplay, allowing them to capitalize on their Enrage mechanic more effectively.


Best Builds for Warriors

For those looking to maximize their Warrior's potential, the DPS build has been optimized for both dungeons and raids. The build focuses on utilizing the runes Raging Blow, Consumed by Rage, and Single-Minded Fury to boost damage, speed, and rage generation. Additionally, equipping a fast weapon in your off-hand and a slow weapon in your main hand can maximize the effect of Deep Wounds, a talent that causes bleeding damage on critical hits.

The best builds for Warriors in Phase 4 typically revolve around maximizing DPS or tanking efficiency.

DPS Warriors: The Fury specialization remains popular, utilizing talents that boost critical strike chances and rage generation, such as Cruelty and Unbridled Wrath. The Arms specialization also continues to be effective, especially with talents like Wounds, which has a significant impact due to its synergies with other damage-amplifying effects.

Tank Warriors: Protection Warriors benefit from talents that enhance their durability and threat generation, making them invaluable in dungeons and raids.

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New Runes and How to Obtain Them

Phase 4 introduces Warrior's new runes: Fresh Meat, Sudden Death, and Shockwave. These special runes cater to each Warrior spec and are expected to enhance their capabilities, making them more viable and versatile in various gameplay scenarios.


Warriors can acquire new runes through a variety of methods:

Dungeon and Raid Drops: Warriors can find runes as loot from specific dungeons and raids, with each rune designed to enhance different aspects of their combat abilities.

Quest Rewards: Some runes may be awarded upon the completion of specific quests throughout the new areas introduced in Phase 4.


BiS Gear

Finding the Best-in-Slot (BiS) gear is crucial for maximizing a Warrior's potential.

DPS Warriors should look for gear that enhances strength, critical strike, and versatility.

Protection Warriors will want gear that boosts their stamina, armor, and damage mitigation capabilities.


Talents in Phase 4

The talent system has received updates to accommodate the new level cap and runes. The Season of Discovery Talent Calculator allows players to plan their build with all talents and runes, ensuring they can create a build optimized for dungeons, raids, or PvP.

Warriors have access to revamped talent trees that offer more flexibility and power in tailoring their abilities to suit their preferred playstyle or the demands of specific encounters.

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Leveling Guide

For leveling Warriors, focusing on efficient questing and participating in dungeons for experience and gear remains the optimal strategy. Utilizing the appropriate talents and runes can significantly speed up the leveling process.

Level Cap: Remember that Phase 4 raises the level cap to 60, which is the original endgame of Vanilla WoW. Try to level up to 60 as soon as possible once Phase 4 is released.

Dungeon Grinding: If possible, join groups for dungeon grinding. It's an efficient way to gain experience and obtain good gear.

Questing: Complete quests that offer high experience and valuable rewards. Use addons to help track and complete quests efficiently.

Optimize Your Talents: Focus on talents that increase your damage output and survivability. The Arms and Fury talent trees are particularly effective for leveling quickly.

• Gear Up: Prioritize two-handed weapons and gear with stats like strength, stamina, agility, and spirit. Look for gear from quests, drops, or the auction house.

• Professions: Choose professions that complement your role as a tank or DPS. Crafting Void-Touched items can give you a 1% hit and other bonuses.

Consumables: Make use of elixirs, potions, and bandages to maintain your health and mana, allowing you to grind without frequent breaks.

• Boon of BlackFathom: This powerful buff can greatly enhance your leveling speed. Find out how to get it and use it to your advantage.


Gold is essential for Warriors to acquire new runes, gear, and consumables for optimal performance and progression.

In conclusion, the Warrior class in WoW SoD Phase 4 has been given a significant boost with these changes and additions. By carefully selecting the right builds, gear, runes, and talents, Warriors can become formidable opponents on the battlefield. Whether you're tanking in dungeons or dealing damage in raids, these updates offer exciting new possibilities for Warrior gameplay. Happy adventuring!


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