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Season of Discovery Phase 3 New Runes for All Classes and How to Get Them

By Shirley Huang2024-03-22

WoW SoD Phase 3 is set to introduce a host of new runes for all classes, bringing fresh gameplay dynamics and strategic options. These runes augment abilities, offering enhanced effects, cooldown modifications, and even new capabilities. Each class is expected to receive runes that cater to their unique playstyles and roles within the game. Here's a comprehensive look at the anticipated new runes and how you can acquire them in the game.

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Paladin New Runes Sanctuary boosts the effectiveness of Blessing of Sanctuary.

Fanaticism increases the chance of your critical strike.

Light's Grace shortens the cast time of Holy Light after casting it.

Wrath enhances Consecration and other Holy damages to be critical strikes​​.


Priest New Runes Aegis creates protective shields with critical heals

Void Zone can summon a damaging area.

Despair allows periodic damage from spells to be critical strikes.

Surge of Light makes certain spells instant after a critical spellcast​​.


Rogue New Runes Potency - additional energy for melee damage.

Honor Among Thieves gains combo points from party members' critical hits.

Focused Attacks - energy regeneration on critical strikes​​.


Warlock New Runes

Pandemic enables periodic damage from several abilities to be critical strikes.

Backdraft grants spellcasting haste after using Conflagrate. They also gain defensive and utility options through Immolation Aura and the ability to Summon Felguard with specific benefits​​.

Unstable Affliction - This spell deals 252.61 shadow damage over 15 seconds, and if dispelled early, it inflicts 454.698 damage and silences the dispeller for 5 seconds; only one Unstable Affliction or Immolate per Warlock may be active on a target simultaneously.

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Warrior New Runes

Shield Mastery can increase physical damage output and reduce disarm duration, Vigilance is for protective measures, and Taste for Blood synergizes with Warrior's Rend ability. They also have Wrecking Crew and Rampage for damage boosts​​.

Sword and Board - Damaging with Devastate or Revenge has a 30% chance to reset Shield Slam's cooldown and make it free for 5 seconds.


Druid New Runes

For Druids, new runes are reported to enhance their core abilities significantly. For instance, Gale Winds boosts Hurricane, while Improved Barkskin and Gore modify Barkskin and bear form attacks, respectively​​.


Hunter New Runes

Focus Fire uses all Frenzy charges from your pet, boosts your ranged attack speed by 3%, and gives your pet 4 Focus per Frenzy charge, while your pet's Basic Attacks grant it a 6% melee speed increase for 10 seconds, stackable up to 5 times.

T.N.T boosts the damage of Explosive Shot and all your offensive traps by 10%.


Mage New Runes

Deep Freeze incapacitates a frozen target for 5 seconds and inflicts 393.505 to 458.237 damage on those who can't be stunned.

Temporal Anomaly sends out a time energy orb that provides a 15-second shield absorbing 85.174 damage to allies every 2 seconds as it travels.

Balefire Bolt deals with escalating spellfire damage with each cast, at the risk of the caster's spirit, which could lead to instant death if depleted.

Molten Armor retaliates with Fire damage upon impact, enhances spell critical chance, and offers critical hit protection, but only one Armor spell can be active at a time.

Displacement allows a Mage to teleport to their previous Blink location and refreshes Blink's cooldown, but must be used shortly after the initial Blink.

Shaman New Runes

There has yet to be any information.

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How to Acquire New Runes?

These runes are obtained through gameplay activities specific to the Season of Discovery. Players need to engage in exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat challenges to unlock their class's potential.

• Quests: Some quests will reward players with valuable runes. Keep an eye out for quests with rune icons in your log or map interface.

• Dungeons: Certain dungeons will house runes that can enhance your class abilities. Exploring these dungeons will be key to finding new runes.

• Raid Boss Drops: The new level 50 raid, rumored to be the Sunken Temple, may drop runes as part of its loot table.

• Crafting: With the professions level cap likely increasing to 300, players are able to craft runes or items that lead to rune acquisition.

• PvP Achievements: PvP ranks and achievements might also play a role in unlocking some of the new runes.


How to Prepare for New Runes?

Level up your characters to level 40 to ensure you're ready for the increased level cap.

• Participate in current raids and dungeons to gear up and familiarize yourselves with mechanics that could be relevant to new content.

• Engage in PvP to secure ranks that might be tied to rune unlocks.

• Community Engagement: Engaging with the community can provide insights and tips on how to best prepare for and utilize the new runes.

• Gather materials and resources that might be necessary for crafting or trading for runes. Gathering more WoW Season of Discovery gold is essential for acquiring mounts and consumables that are vital for participating in raids and enhancing equipment.


In conclusion, the introduction of new runes in SoD Phase 3 is set to revitalize the game's meta, offering players new ways to enhance their characters and strategies. By staying informed, engaging with the community, and participating in various in-game activities, players can ensure they're ready to embrace the new runes and the exciting possibilities they bring to Azeroth.


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