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Phase 3 SoD: Release Date, New Features, and Preparation Guide

By Shirley Huang
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Season of Discovery Phase 3 is slated for a spring release. While an exact release date is still pending, indications suggest a potential start around mid-April 2024.

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Phase 3 will raise the level cap to 50 and introduce new features:

New Raid Speculation

The most notable addition is the Sunken Temple, speculated to be a 20-player raid set in the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, also known as the Sunken Temple. This shift repurposes the dungeon into a raid, likely incorporating rich lore and class-specific quests into a more expansive raid experience.


New Runes and Class Changes

There will be new runes, such as Mage Runes like Bale Firebolt and Warlock Runes like Belard Demon.

Significant Class changes are Mages and Hunters, with adjustments to abilities like Chimera Shot and Explosive Shot to enhance gameplay. Players can expect new endgame activities and a Rune Engraving system that allows for class-altering abilities.


Profession Changes

There will likely be an increase in the professions level cap to 300 (Artisan). Profession specializations might also be introduced, hinting at significant enhancements for players' crafting and gathering capabilities.

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Leveling Experience

The back end of WoW's leveling process will be experienced in SoD phase 3, offering a fresh approach to progression.


PvP Content

Improvements in PvP content are anticipated. The community is eager to see what new events and zones will be added for PvP engagement.


Here Are Some Tips for You to Prepare for Phase 3

● Leveling your character to level 40 and ensuring they have optimal gear and runes. Use leveling guides to navigate the vast areas of Azeroth efficiently. Plan your leveling route carefully, considering whether to focus on dungeons like Scarlet Monastery or questing. If you have no time to level up by yourself, you can buy fast WoW SoD boost from a reliable site.


● Don't hesitate to experiment with different classes and builds to find what suits you best. It's advisable for most classes to seek the highest reputation possible with their Arathi Basin faction by engaging in the Stranglethorn Vale PvP event or participating in Arathi Basin battles during this phase.


● Advance your primary professions to level 225 and gather the necessary materials in advance.


Accumulating Season of Discovery gold is crucial for mounts and consumables necessary for raids and upgrades. Consider purchasing items from NPCs instead of waiting for drops to gear up quickly. To safeguard your finances against the impending inflation in Phase 3, consider investing your gold in items, especially materials that will be valuable for professions.


● Work on improving your reputations, particularly those that will be important for obtaining new runes and other benefits in Phase 3. Aim to achieve the Revered level of Warsong reputation and complete the Ashenvale weekly quest.

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● Attain a minimum of PvP Rank 3 to gain a permanent 10% reduction on vendor prices and access to a beneficial cloak for most classes.


● Install quality-of-life addons to enhance your gameplay experience.


● Secure the necessary flight points for the upcoming phase now. This is especially helpful if you plan to level up through dungeon runs.


● Prepare for the next phase by learning and advancing the weapon skills you'll need. While reaching the maximum skill level of 200 isn't necessary immediately, starting above zero is crucial, particularly for classes like Warriors.


Let's wait for Phase 3's coming. For more sod guides, you can visit our site - MMOGAH.COM.

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