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Something You Should Know in WotLK Phase 3

By Shirley Huang2023-03-15

Now that we are well into Ulduar. It's time to take a look one step forward at phase 3. Here we will talk about what's new, what to expect in phase 3, and how to prepare for it.


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Phase 3 Epic Gems

Phase 3 is possibly coming in mid to late April. I think one of the biggest points is the inclusion of epic gems. This is assuming that epic gems do come into the game at the start of phase 3 if it works as it did back in the day. The blue gems would put on emblem vendors a few weeks ago, kind of out of nowhere, and there is also a ton of ways to get epic gems in Wrath.


Several Ways to Get Epic Items

From Vendors

In Wrath, you can get them by purchasing them for 10K honor from vendors in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. You can farm honor points in advance for this, and you could even pick up 5 commendations of bravery and 4,500 arena points from the arena vendors in Dalaran to bank 10K honor at a time, but they do only stack up to 5. Also, you can turn in excess Wintergrasp marks of honor for Wintergrasp commendations. These are also account bound, so if you have a few marks across a number of characters, You can turn them into this and then trade them all into one character and buy some gems.


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Through Emblems

You'll likely downgrade some of your emblems to do this, which is available at an NPC in the Dalaran server. You can buy them at your usual faction-specific emblem vendors in Dalaran or in the Jewelcrafting profession shop. The single-color gems (red, blue, and so on) are 20 each, and the multi-color gems (orange, purple) are 10 each. Even if you have Alts that you haven't played much, they might have some emblems that you won't use; otherwise, Westing even gave emblems in Wrath Classic, so remember to give your Alts a check.


Through Titanium

This can be done with about 450 Jewelcrafting and had a supposed 4% chance to contain epic gems among other things, such as Titanium Powder at the launch of Raphael. You could actually Prospecting Titanium until it was hot fixed out, so there'll be a few of you out.


There are some powders in phase 3, which can turn into 10 powders for a Dalaran Jewelcrafting token repeatedly. If you don't already have a bunch, you will want some of these tokens because the new epic gem patterns cost each token.


I think a lot of people are sitting on a lot of Titanium at the moment, as its value was expected to go up at the beginning of phase 3. If you have not, you can use WoW WotLK gold to buy it. In fact, it seemed to be like the big flip item for Wrath, which people have been holding onto.


Through Transmute

If you're an Alchemist of 450 skill, you'll be able to pick up a quest in the Alchemy Shop in Dalaran, just called Cardinal Ruby. This wants you to do any other five epic Gem Transmute, and then you gain access to transmuting Red gems, epic Gem transmutes, and Raphael should be a combination of a rare gem and an Eternal.


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For example, a Scarlet Ruby and Eternal Fire. Whether you play PvP/PvE or craft play the Auction House, everyone gets access to epic gems one way or another again, assuming all the various ways are out to get them at the same time, there's no way they are super expensive for very long, it's not like in TBC. We have two additional ways to get epic gems in Wrath. On the other hand, Ulduar has gear that has a ton of gem sockets, and jamming that first time around is not going to be cheap, but I think I'll be buying them through emblems. I've also sorted out a few Alts Fortrans mutes, as you can max out your crafting without having to be a level 80.


After that, I'll need to port them to Dalaran to get the quest when it's out. I'll just gradually sort out which gems I need over time; also, don't forget to pick up Master of Transmutation. If you're going to do this, you want to get those procs Vergems and Eternals and go up. Because of this, I think they're both pretty cheap at the moment.


If you're very Min-Max, it's possible your best profession changes from Jewelcrafting to Blacksmithing with epic gems. Now being out at 400 Blacksmithing, you can add an extra socket to your bracers and gloves. Goes without saying Blacksmithing is already expensive to level because it shares materials with engineering, which more or less everyone has this expansion.


Raids and Bosses

There's going to be the next raid tier - Trial of the Crusader. On the one hand, it's got no trash to deal with. It's pretty fast once you get to terms with the bosses, and some of the fights are really fun, like twins or a new Barak. On the other hand, it's in the same room the whole raid night, having to deal with the attempt system and faction Champions.


I should mention a bit more about the limited attempt system because it's only used in Trial of the Crusader and Icecrown Citadel on the brand-new heroic difficulty, so you can start with 50 attempts each week; every time you wipe it, it removes one from the counter. If you hit zero, all remaining bosses despawn for the week.


There are also extra rewards and achievements tied into this system, such as getting through Trial of the Grand Crusader with no wipes and even with nobody dying, so make those attempts count. Also, at this point, we don't know whether Blizzard intends to modify the Trial of the Crusader in any way.


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Koralon the Flame Watcher is a Fire giant boss located in the western wing of the Vault of Archavon. He is only accessible if your faction controls Wintergrasp. 15 minutes before a Wintergrasp battle, Koralon will become unattackable.


Phase 3 Items

The Argent Crusade dailies and vendors will become available. These are the ones in the Argent Pavilion on the western side of the Argent tournament grounds, and you need to earn the achievement of exalted Argent champion of whatever your faction is to buy from the vendor, though. This is about a month's worth of dailies and being exalted with all your faction capitals and the Argent Crusade, then you can buy various vanity items, Heirlooms, and mounts, including a Paladin-only charger recolor and a toy that gives you access to one of vendor Bank or mail every four hours.


The second collection is the Silver Covenant or Sun Riva Dailies. These are from NPCs inside your faction. They sell a few different items, including mounts, a pet, and a Tabard at exalted. All these items are bought for Champion's Seals, which will eventually be earned from dailies.


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