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Most Powerful Items in WotLK Ulduar

By Hasi2023-02-27

WotLK Classic comes up with exciting content every once in a while, and this time, it's the famous raid called Ulduar. It marks the start of the phase of the Wrath Classic. This raid comes packed with many powerful items you will fight for throughout the raid.


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Regarding its gameplay modes, the Ulduar raid is rated as one of the unique raids in the game's history. It features separate hard modes for players who want new challenges. To unlock these hard modes, players have to complete some tasks. When you encounter and defeat bosses in hard mode, you will receive better and more items to equip.  


These items are so good that guildmates sometimes fight to get their hands on an item. Some of the most sought-after things in this raid are discussed in this article. With this ranking of the most powerful items from the Ulduar raid, you can learn what you want and work your way.


How to Get to Ulduar?

To get to the Ulduar, you must find its entrance on an island. There are two dungeons on the island, located on each side of the island. You can easily see Ulduar from the other raids because it is in the air, and you will need a flying mount to get to it.


The second method to get to the Ulduar is to use a Warlock to summon you. The second method is complicated, so work on a flying mount if you don't have any to access the Ulduar and get these items. With the summoning method, you can reach the island only and still need the mount to reach the raid.


The best way to reach the island is to return to your faction's home, no matter where you are in the game. Once you have reached home, fly to the Ulduar island, which is located in the Storm peaks. After reaching the island, use mount to find the entrance and start the raid. Use WoW gold WotLK to get a mount and fast forward to getting these powerful items.



Val'anyr, also known as the Hammer of Ancient Kings, tops the list of the most powerful items from the Ulduar raid. To get your hands on this hammer, you must first get thirty shattered fragments of Val'anyr. You can get these fragments by defeating bosses in the raid. Once you have these fragments, you must complete a quest before crafting this hammer.


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You will surely get a fragment if you defeat the final boss in the raid, Yogg-Saron, while all the other bosses have a ten percent chance of providing you with these fragments. Only a healer can build the Val'anyr using these fragments, which can be done once every phase. You will have to wait until the next phase to make it.


Thanks to the incredible stats, it is one of the best healing weapons in the WOTLK Classic. If you use it correctly on the battlefield, it will also shield the teammate that you just healed for some time. This hammer is so good that there have been fights between guildmates on getting it. This boss battle expands into three phases. If you are lucky, you can also get a mount for defeating Yogg.


Phase one of the fight features Sara, who Yogg summons to kill you. Once you have destroyed her, the second phase starts, where you will fight with Yogg. In the third phase, you will enter the brain of the Yogg using a portal and deal damage to him from there. The trick here is to kill all the tentacles and the brain quickly, or you will die due to all the insanity. Yogg is the sixteenth monster on the list, and you must kill all twenty-five monsters to reach the end.


Comet's Trail

If you are looking for an item to use with your melee DPS classes, such as death knights and Rogue, Comet's Trail is your best option in WotLK Classic. You can get the Comet's Trail by defeating the Algalon in the Ulduar raid. It is a trinket, so even warriors can use it in the current tier for some time, but it works best for the classes mentioned above.


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It provides the highest amount of static attacking power in the entire game. Along with the attacking power, you will also get haste for using all the special effects of the Comet's Trail. Pair haste and power to become the undefeated beast in the Ulduar raid.


Starshard Edge

Starshard Edge is provided by Mimiron when you defeat him at the hard mode difficulty. For the current phase of WOTLK Classic, no other weapon works best for DPS casters except for the Starshard Edge. It gives players a hit rating and a good amount of spell-casting power. By equipping the Starshard Edge, you can also boost the hit rating of all your other gear.


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Getting Starshard Edge is difficult because Mimiron is rated one of the most challenging bosses from the Ulduar raid. You will have to face Mimiron in hard mode and place yourself at the perfect place on the battlefield to increase your chances of winning. Mimiron can attack any of your teammates with his abilities, and you must adapt to his attacks to make it to the end.


Mimiron boss fight is divided into four phases where you fight with individual parts at first and then all the parts together in the end to get the weapon. This boss automatically heals itself, so you have to kill it quickly.  


Legguards of Cunning Deception

The Legguards of Cunning Deception are the best legs for Warriors, which are made up of leather. These legs come packed with various stats, such as good armor penetration, critical strike rating, and attacking power to destroy the enemy in no time. You can also equip these legs with any other melee DPS for phase 2.


As a bonus, you get three gem socket slots with the Legguards of Cunning Deception. Although the attacking power of these legs is excellent, you should still use those sockets to get strength and an attacking bonus by filling in the right gems. You can quickly upgrade your Rogue, Warrior, or any other class to the max after purchasing WotLK power leveling service.    


Solar Bindings

Many players mismatch these bindings with Starwatcher's because both have the same names, but the Solar Bindings are bracers. As long as you are a melee DPS, you can wear these Solar Bindings to the battlefield. They are ranked as the best slot bracers for the Ulduar raid.


To get the Solar Bindings, you must defeat Algalon, the observer. The Algalon is a difficult monster, so good luck beating him, but the rewards make it worth it. Warriors also love the Solar Bindings, so you must face them along with the Algalon on your journey to get it.


Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion

Voldrethar is a two-handed blade called the dark blade of oblivion. For phase 2 of the Ulduar raid, there is no other two-handed weapon other than the Voldrethar. To get the Voldrethar, you must face General Vezax at hard mode difficulty and defeat him. Vezax is one of the hardest monsters in WOTLK Classic, and beating him even in normal mode is difficult, let alone the hard mode.


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His skills and Debuffs significantly affect players' physical damage-dealing and mana regeneration abilities. Compared to Stormrune edge, which is a two-handed weapon and comes second in the list of the best weapons, the Voldrethar provides two hundred more damage output.


Vezax is the prison guard where Yogg is prisoned, so you will first kill Vezax to access Yogg. Those who want to kill him solo should only attack Vezax and ignore everyone else, while team players must kill others before moving to Vezax.


Players with low-level characters must constantly move around the room to protect themselves from their attacks, as they can deal much damage. High-level players, on the other hand, don't have to worry about the damage from their attacks. General Vezax is the fifteenth boss that you will encounter in phase 2.


Pharos Gloves

The gloves of Pharos are one of the most sought-after items from the second phase of the Ulduar raid. You can get these gloves by defeating the Algalon booster. Pharos Gloves are a dream come true for caster DPS in WOTLK Classic.


They provide the best spell-casting power, haste, and critical strike rating and have the best item level compared to similar items from the same phase. With these gloves, you get two additional sockets to use gems, which means even more spell power. They are cloth gloves, making them extremely difficult to keep as everyone else will fight with you for them.


Starwatcher's Binding

Starwatcher's Bindings is another item you will get by defeating the Algalon, the observer boss. Getting this binding is so hard that most players get things on with crafting bind-on equip items with the help of run orbs instead of trying to get the Starwatcher's Bindings. It is a belt you will have to grind a lot to gain. The observer is the seventeenth monster in phase two of the Ulduar raids.


Compared to all the other belts for caster DPS classes, the Starwatcher's Bindings works the best due to the high item level. The spell power of this belt is also very good. You receive many gem sockets along with it. So, what are you waiting for?



Constellus is yet another weapon in this list for healing classes, and it comes in second place for best weapons for healing classes. It is easy to get compared to Val'anyr, so most healers will prioritize it. To get the Constellus, your guild may have to participate in the Ulduar raid many times a week because the Algalon boss is quite crowded.


Before facing the Algalon boss, your guild must complete all the keepers from the current phase in hard mode. These keepers include Mimiron, Thorim, Freya, Hodir, etc. features gold and boosting services for Wrath of the Lich King Classic.


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