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How to Farm Gold in Wrath Classic Phase 3

By Shirley Huang
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WotLK Phase 3 is fast approaching, and its release date should be expected in mid-to-late April, based on the current trajectory and the previous schedule for its original launch. This expansion will offer a much-needed reprieve after the difficulties of Ulduar.


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For those looking beyond the Algalon and Hard Mode grinds, here's what to expect from WotLK Phase 3, including its potential release date. Classic WotLK Phase 3 will introduce the Trial of the Crusader (considered a middle ground between dungeon and raid) & Onyxia's Lair raids, a world event: Argent Tournament in Icecrown, and all the other new contents.


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Everyone will prepare for this new expansion. If you are having difficulties on farming gold, you can buy some WoW WotLK gold to strengthen your weapons. Today we will share WotLK Phase 3 gold farming guide and hope that it is useful for you.


I'm saving up over 100,000 gold for the most impressive healer weapon ever - Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, so in between raids GDKP and Fishing, I'm maximizing my future income across all my characters to get those fragments from making huge investments, the stockpile emblems to pumping PvP. Here are the ways I'm making 100,000 gold for my Val'anyr.


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How to Profit from Epic Gems

In Phase 3, epic gems will finally be added to the game. I expect them to be worth over 500 gold in the first several days as players rush to buy their PvE and PvP gear. You'll get gems from prospecting Titanium Ore, Alchemy transmute, and even 20 Emblems of Heroism, but you'll also get them for 10,000 honor points each. That's one of the unusual ways.


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I'm setting up to profit from epic gems. I've been power-farming Wintergrasp for honor and accommodations on four characters. That's 75k honor points for my four characters, and it means that there are 30 epic gems in Trial of the Crusader (ToC), plus Wintergrasp combinations convert to 2,000 honor points each and could be stacked infinitely, so for every five Wintergrasp combinations, you'll get one epic gem. I started doing all the weekly Wintergrasp Quests for extra Stone Keeper's Shards and more honor points. I've been making sure to get my five combination marks from arenas for the extra gem per character on St. Patrick's Day.


On top of pvping, I'm also saving up my Emblem of Valor to downgrade to buy epic stacks of gems by spamming heroic dailies. I'm even farming Emblems of Valor just by doing an old raid, so I'm expecting to have enough Emblems for 40 gems on day one.


What to Do with Titanium Powder

Titanium Powder is used for the brand-new epic jewelcrafting recipes, and 100,000 Titanium Ore will result in over 5,700 epic gems & 14,000 powders. That means I'm expecting profitability even at over 7 gold per Titanium, depending on gem prices. I've really started using the TradeSkillMaster add-on and have been scanning for cheap Titanium Ore every day.


How to Make Even More Gold

In Phase 2, I invested too much in unpopular crafting materials for the new Ulduar armor basis. I should have invested in high-volume consumables and regions, which are more guaranteed profits. This time, I won't be buying out items like Icy Dragonscales and Arctic Fur; instead, I'll be investing most of my gold into high-volume regions like Abyss Crystals, Dream Shards, and Greater Cosmic Essences. These items are still used to craft Crusader Orb gear, but they're also in high demand for Enchanting, so there's much lower risk, though one fun high-risk item.


I'm temporarily investing in Damaged Necklaces, and these can be used by Preppers to get the new Jewelcrafting recipes in patch 3.2. They're currently rising in price, but they won't sustain with the patches. That's because Titanium Powder will become a big way for people to get the recipes from past drops.


On top of the necklaces, I'm also investing in Infinite Dust and even Northern Spices whenever they're low. Since these items have no deposit fee, I can repost them as many times as I want without losing gold. I'm sucking up cheap potions and fish as I remember how prices exploded when Ulduar came out. If things are going to be different in phase 3, I'm finally going to acquire my impressive and legendary Val'anyr. In investing sessions, I will be power farming Champion's Seals since I want all those new rewards on day one when ToC drops.


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