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Guide to Big Loot Changes in WotLK Phase 3

By Shirley Huang2023-05-13

Big Wrath loot changes are coming, and whether you're rating on four characters a week or just coming back to the game, these are the changes you need to know about. From the new loot, Titan Rune mode beta will drop to what will change with the Ulduar gear. I'm going to cover everything so you know what to expect in the next phase. Let's start it.


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Ground Rules

Let's introduce some Ground Rules. Trial of the Crusader is a catch-up phase. This phase is designed to bring players back to the game even if it feels unfair. With that established, we have to talk about the new Titan Rune mode, you've already been able to get 200 item level gear from normal bosses in Titan Rune Alpha, and that's on top of the 213 gear from the Final Bosses.


Let's just call this mode Heroic Plus, and then there's the new Titan Rune mode beta that was recent data mining as well as mentioned by Blizzard in the past. Remember that the Titan Rune Alpha modifies Damage increased by 30%, and Health increased by 100%. Well, now it's 40% more Damage and 140% more Health, and there's a new Titan Rune that even summons the keepers of Ulduar to help you.


Considering that current Titan Runes mode dungeons are pretty easy. I will be locking my Fury Warrior in these dungeons until I'm fully caught up, so you might ask what kind of gear will drop from the new Titan Rune mode.


New Titan Rune Mode and Gear Drops

Since 232 gear will be given out, like candy and Trial of the Crusader 10-man, 225 item level gear dropping from the new Titan Rune beta is all but guaranteed, and Blizzard has mentioned adding hard mode gear to the mode in phase 3.


We can expect a 10-man hard mode will be added to the new dungeon mode from the final Bosses. This creates interesting gameplay. On my fresh characters, I'm going into the Titan Rune mode Alpha. First, to get 200 item level pieces, then I'll switch to Beta mode to get raid-quality loot. I didn't tell my Fury Warrior to leave that dungeon. First of all, what happens to Ulduar itself in a past interview?


New Raid Loot Changes

Blizzard did mention wanting players to go back to Ulduar with their ToC groups to get the best Trinkets and the leaked changes. Show us that the raid will be designed to be a Loot Pinata you should clear after you did more difficult ToC raids. Blizzard doesn't want players to feel forced to do the same equipment multiple times per week, so that's where new raid loot changes come in.


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First, you have to remember that phase 3 is designed to bring players back to the game, even at the cost of devaluing your rare items, so your Game Icon Mjolnir Runestone is going to get devalued. It means that you will lose some WotLK gold, but more players coming back to the game is a win in the long term. The idea is that everybody's supposed to be on a Level Playing Field in time for Icecrown Citadel and Cataclysm. In the next romance giving 25-man normal loot and 10-man, all the hours the Natural Choice, then you could save 25-man hard mode loot for just 25 seconds, that way you get to catch up in 10 minutes, but if you want the most overpowered Archavon loot, you'd have to do 25s.


Val'anyr Fragments Change

Val'anyr Fragments just started dropping from 10-man like candy, I would vote absolutely not since that would ruin the Rarity of the item, but I can also see a small chance of getting fragments from 10-man hard modes. As an option, Blizzard would explore.


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Emblems of Triumph Change

Alpha gives us five Game Icon Emblems of Triumph per day, so Defense Protocol Beta will definitely give us at least five. We'll also be getting Triumph Emblems from every single dungeon of the raid, except Trial of the Crusader, which will give us Triumph Emblems. This means heroic plus is a great way to get Emblem gear without ever setting foot in a raid.


Secret Change

3.2 is the patch of this change in the original game; whether Blizzard remembers to make this change or not is a different story, but it would be a nice improvement; you wouldn't have to worry about accidentally stealing someone's BiS gear. It would also be a buff to the boosting meta since you could play the game completely AFK while the booster trades you piss upgrades. That sounds pretty good to me.


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