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A Complete Guide to Darkmoon Faire in WoW WotLK Classic

The Darkmoon Faire is a big gathering in World of Warcraft that features gear, cosmetics, quests, mini-games, pets, and so much more for players to enjoy. It's a fun event with lots to do. But it's pretty different depending on what expansion you're playing. If you want some help with the ropes, go through this WotLK Classic Darkmoon Faire guide to learn all about what's different and what to keep an eye out for.


WLK Darkmoon-1


The Differences Between Darkmoon Faire in WotLK and Retail

While the Darkmoon Faire isn't anything groundbreaking or new for WoW Classic players, it'll be a confusing trip down memory lane for those more familiar with the retail version of the game. The festival has grown a lot over the years. So much so that it's an entirely different experience in some ways when you play WotLK Classic. Here's a summary of what the biggest among these differences are:


Darkmoon Island: The most significant difference is that there's no island dedicated to Darkmoon Faire in Wrath Classic. Instead, it can be held in one of Terokkar Forest, Mulgore, or Elwynn Forest, with the event rotating between them each month.


Game Rewards: All the games in the Darkmoon Faire are just inconsequential fun. There isn't any quest associated with them, nor is there any prize or reputation gain. You can just play them to pass the time.


Fewer Options: WotLK Classic's Darkmoon Faire has a much smaller collection of items and gear than the retail version. Vendors don't have nearly as big of a selection.


Reputation Benefits: Darkmoon Faire reputation in WOTLK Classic doesn't give you any special benefits. It's just the usual pricing changes at vendors that come with reputation.


Profession Quests: +5 Profession quests weren't introduced to the game until Cataclysm, so they currently aren't available in WOTLK Classic.


No Teleport: The Classic version of the Darkmoon Faire doesn't have any mages you can find to teleport you to the event.


When and Where You'll Find The Darkmoon Faire in WotLK Classic

As mentioned, Darkmoon Island isn't a thing in WotLK Classic. Instead, the event switches between Terokkar Forest, Mulgore, or Elwynn Forest every month, one place at a time. But when will you find it?


According to the official schedule, it'll open on the first Sunday of every month at precisely 12:01 AM server time. It'll last for exactly one week, as the Faire will remain open until the following Saturday before closing at 11:59 PM, just as the following Sunday starts. Kruban Darkblade in Orgrimmar and Melnan Darkstone in Ironforge will announce when it starts.


That's a long journey for the Faire, and not much time to do it if there's already a lot on your plate. On top of that, Elwynn Forest, Mulgore, and Terrokkar Forest aren't the smallest places in the world. It can be hard to find specifically where the Darkmoon Faire is if you don't know where to look for it, so here's a helping hand for each location:


Elwynn Forest: Centre of the Faire is /way 42.0 70.0 (Unsafe for Horde)


WLK Darkmoon-1


Terokkar Forest: Centre of the Faire is /way 34.0 34.0


WLK Darkmoon-2


Mulgore: Centre of the Faire is /way 37.0 38.0. (Unsafe for Alliance)


WLK Darkmoon-4


Getting to The Mulgore Darkmoon Faire as Alliance

You can take two paths as Alliance if you want to reach the Darkmoon Faire in Mulgore without any significant trouble. One is a shorter path with some risks recommended for level 40+ characters. The secondary course is considerably longer but has fewer risks, making it safer for characters below level 40. Here's how they both pan out:


Path for Level 40+:

Mehethil Harbor – Theramore – Dustwallow Marsh – Barrens – Camp Traujo – Mulgore.

Follow the map to the Barrens and keep going west until you reach the main road. Here, follow the road until you see Camp Taurajo. Swing south of this camp, and you'll see a road heading west. Follow that road, and you'll be in Mulgore!


It's not over there, though. Make sure you don't get into trouble with guards once you're in Mulgore. To do that, keep heading west once you're in the region until you see a smaller dirt road north next to a pond. This'll steer you clear of Bloodhoof Village and any subsequent trouble.


Just keep walking along the pond until you see a road going north. Step onto the road and keep on it. After a few minutes, you'll be at the Faire without a scratch on your character if you're careful!


One thing to remember is that the path above isn't safe for anyone under level 40. Plus, it's also not accessible if you don't have the right flight points. So in case your character is low-level or you don't have all the required flight points, another path you can take is through Stormwind City. Here's how that goes. 


Path for Under Level 40:

Stormwind City – Elwynn Forest – Redridge Mountains – Duskwood – Stranglethorn Vale – Booty Bay – Ratchet – Barrens – Camp Traujo – Mulgore.

Once you're in the Barrens, the path is the same as what was specified earlier. Go along it, and you'll reach the Darkmoon Faire without hassle. Good add-ons can make this journey much less confusing, so make sure you're well-prepared before setting off as a low-level player, even if it's safer.


Getting to The Elwynn Forest Darkmoon Faire as Horde

Good news if your Alliance is Horde; there's a straightforward path for any Horde character to get to the Elwynn Forest. The only trouble you'll encounter throughout it is a little camp in Duskwood, but you'll be able to avoid any other Alliance guards.


This journey starts at Grom'gol, so take a zeppelin there. Once there, travel to the northeast before going completely north at the intersection, which will take you to Duskwood. This is where the previously mentioned camp is. If you're prepared, you can fight enemies or avoid the camp by heading west.


Once you go west, head north towards the Raven Hill Cemetery and Twilight Grove instead of going onto the road. Keep heading north once you're here until you see a river you can cross to enter the Elwynn Forest.


Once you're in the forest, you'll see the Maclure Vineyards. Walk along the left of these vineyards and keep going until you finally arrive at the Darkmoon Faire grounds.


A Much Quicker Alternative To Any Location

The paths we've mentioned are safe, but they aren't quick. The journey can be long, and quite frankly, it can be pretty boring, especially if you're planning to visit the fair each time it opens. There's a universal solution for characters of any alliance, though.


One way to be safe from any threat is to be stronger than it. Well, that's what the WotLK leveling boosting services at MMOGah.com can help you do without the painstaking process of grinding until your character levels up. Just visit the page and decide what you want. Once everything is set, place the order, and your character will be ready to take on endgame content, let alone a straightforward path to the Darkmoon Faire.


That way, you don't have to wait ages to get to the gathering, and you don't have to spend hours leveling up your character by yourself. It's quick, easy, secure, and a heck of a lot better than trekking through mountains just because you want to avoid some guards.


What To Do Once You're At The Darkmoon Faire

Even if there's less content than in the retail version, Darkmoon Faire isn't short of entertainment in WOTLK Classic. For starters, there are a couple of fun mini-games: the Humanoid Cannonball and Tank Battle Simulator. These can be good fun, especially if you're playing with friends.


On a more serious note, you can unlock various trinkets, get some exciting quests, earn tickets and reputation, and do much more to help your character grow. You can also find three companion pets at the Darkmoon Faire in WOTLK. All three of these are frogs. Just go wild in all the fun, really. There's no need to do anything awfully specific.


The most enticing thing of them all here is the Faire vendors, who have lots of interesting loot for you to get your hands on. If you went through the trouble of reaching the event, you might as well give them a visit. Make sure that you stack up on WotLK Classic gold for a decent haul, though. All the good stuff will cost you a lot, and it's worth being prepared for that rather than just going to the fair to play some games.


To get an idea of what the Darkmoon Faire is like in all its glory, make your way there once it's available to check out all the cool stuff there. From cool buffs, lots of nice loot, and fun companion pets to a couple of amusing mini-games, it can be well worth your time in WotLK Classic.



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