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Hallowtide Is Underway in ArcheAge until November 4th

John Ryan Date: 2014-10-23 Views: 905 archeagearcheage goldsafe archeage goldmmorpg

As an honest ArcheAge gold seller who deserves your trusts, we definitely have been providing our customers with the safest and fastest Archeage gold and Powerleveling, we are committed to protecting archeage accounts’ security for both yours and ours, so you will never be disappointed with MmoGah. As the title says, Hallowtide will last to November 4th when the Conquest of Auroria begins.
As ArcheAge’s first in-game holiday event, Hallowtide brings us a Halloween-themed festival. To set the mood, Austera and Ezna, the two major port cities of Erenor, have been decked out in the colors and sights of the season with jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin balloons, party tables, tombstones, and more. You will also discover Large Pumpkin Lanterns appearing for a short time on Halloween in central locations of both port cities. These decorations will be announced when they appear and will grant a unique holiday buff.

Want to help with the festivities? The Daru are in need of more pumpkins to decorate the event, complete the Hallowtide Preparations daily quest to earn a Hallowtide Goodie Bag with a random selection of consumables and special event candies such as Greedy Goblin Gummies, Frankenflavor Jawbreakers, and Marshmallow Sugar Pumpkins. You can also get Hallowtide cosmetic items by coming to the Marketplace.

Hallowtide Is Underway in ArcheAge- until November 4th

After Hallowtide, on November 4th, conquest of Auroria will begins, you can get more info by reading about ArcheAge Updates - Conquest of Auroria Begins on November 4th.

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