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WoW SoD Phase 3 Nightmare Incursions Guide: Locations, Challenges and Rewards

By Shirley Huang2024-04-19

Nightmare Incursions in SoD Phase 3 are a significant addition to the game, offering players a new PvE experience. Let's delve into the details of Nightmare Incursions, including locations, quests, challenges, and rewards.

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Nightmare Incursions Overview

Phase 3 SoD introduces Nightmare Incursions, an exciting new feature that challenges players to confront the twisted manifestations of their own fears and nightmares. In this phase, players will delve into the darkest corners of their minds to overcome their fears and reap valuable rewards. The concept of Nightmare Incursions adds a psychological twist to the usual gameplay, providing players with a unique and immersive experience.

Nightmare Incursions are world events that take place across Azeroth, focusing on the portals leading to the Emerald Dream. Unlike previous PvP-oriented events, Nightmare Incursions are strictly PvE, asking players to complete quests around and inside the portals.


The Locations of Nightmare Incursions

Duskwood (Level 25): Located in Twilight Grove, coordinates 46, 37.

Ashenvale (Level 40): Found in the northeastern corner, coordinates 93, 38.

Hinterlands (Level 50): Situated in Seradane, coordinates 63, 29.

Feralas (Level 50): Northeast of The Twin Colossals, coordinates 51, 9.

Participating in Nightmare Incursions

Players can start participating in Nightmare Incursions as early as level 25, making them a viable option for both leveling and endgame content. The events are designed to be group-oriented, with quests being shareable with up to four other players. However, solo play is possible, and it may not be as efficient.

Participating in Nightmare Incursions is relatively straightforward. Players can access Nightmare Incursions through a special interface in the game menu. Upon selecting Nightmare Incursions, players will be presented with a list of available challenges. These challenges vary in difficulty and theme, offering players a diverse range of experiences.

Once inside the Nightmare Incursion, players will find themselves immersed in a surreal and nightmarish environment, where they must navigate through various obstacles and confront their deepest fears.


Doing Quests

The questing process begins by speaking to a Field Captain located outside one of the four portals. After completing the initial task of killing demons outside the portal, players are sent inside with a random task, such as defeating a certain number of enemies or collecting specific items. Upon completion, players will receive XP, reputation, some Season of Discovery gold, and another Mission Brief envelope, creating a loop of questing and rewards.



Nightmare Incursion challenges come in different forms, ranging from puzzle-solving tasks to combat encounters. Each challenge is designed to test players' skills and resilience, requiring them to think strategically and adapt to the ever-changing environment. Some challenges may require players to work together as a team, while others may test their individual abilities.

As players progress through the Nightmare Incursion, they will encounter increasingly difficult obstacles and enemies. The key to success lies in communication, coordination, and perseverance. By working together and supporting each other, players can overcome even the most daunting challenges.

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The primary rewards from Nightmare Incursions are available through the Emerald Wardens faction. Players can earn a variety of valuable loot, including "starter" PvP sets at Friendly and Honored reputation levels, rare items, and cosmetic rewards. A class rune is unlocked at Friendly reputation with the Emerald Wardens.


Additionally, players will earn Nightmare Essence, a special currency that can be used to purchase exclusive rewards from Nightmare Incursion vendors. These rewards may include unique mounts, pets, transmog sets, and more, providing players with a tangible incentive to tackle the toughest challenges. These rewards incentivize players to participate in the incursions and engage with the new content.


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• Utilize mounts like the Trainee's Sentinel Nightsaber or Trainee's Outrider Wolf from the Battle for Ashenvale to stay mounted in indoor spaces, which can be particularly useful during Ashenvale incursions.

• Gathering quests will often require players to collect items exclusive to the incursions, adding an extra layer of challenge and engagement.

• To maximize efficiency during Nightmare Incursions, we recommend you group up, as some quests expect players to tackle boss-type enemies or use gathering professions. Solo players may find themselves assigned tasks that are challenging to complete alone. Players may need to abandon a task and start over if it is too difficult.



Nightmare Incursions are a fresh and exciting addition to WoW SoD Phase 3, blending traditional questing with new mechanics and rewards. They offer a dynamic way for players to engage with the world, earn valuable rewards, and experience the lore of the Emerald Dream. Whether you're leveling up or looking for endgame content, Nightmare Incursions provide a unique and rewarding experience for all players. So gather your allies, steel your resolve, and confront the darkness within Season of Discovery Phase 3.


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