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The Complete Guide to Mounts in New World

By Jessie2024-04-18

In this guide, we explore the newly introduced mounts in New World, detailing the various types you can obtain, the methods to acquire them, and strategies to elevate your adventures with these loyal companions.

What Are New World Mounts

Mounts in New World are a new feature introduced in the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, allowing players to traverse the game's world, Aeternum, more quickly and efficiently.

Types of New World Mounts

In the game New World, players can choose from three main types of mounts, each with unique characteristics:

1. Horses: Known for their speed, horses are ideal for players who prioritize quick travel over rough terrain.

2. Dire Wolves: These mounts offer a balance between speed and durability, suitable for players who want a versatile companion for their adventures.

3. Lions: Lions provide high health and stamina, making them slower but more resilient, perfect for players who expect to encounter more combat situations while exploring.

How to Unlock Mounts In New World

Unlocking First Mount

To acquire your first mount, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Reach Level 25: Your character must be at least level 25.

  2. Quest Location: Everfall

  3. Complete the Quest: My Kingdom for a Horse

Upon attaining the necessary level, a horseshoe symbol will manifest on your map. The quest journey begins in Windkreis and continues northward to Everfall, where you will engage with various NPCs, culminating with a beast lord. Completing this quest rewards you with your inaugural horse mount in New World.

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Unlocking Wolf Mount

Steps to Acquire the Wolf Mount in New World

  1. Level Requirement: 45

  2. Unlocking Process: Advance your horse mount's level and progress your character to level 45 to gain access to the wolf mount in New World.

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Unlocking Lion Mounts

To unlock the lion mount in New World, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Reach Level 65: Your character must be at least level 65.

  2. Level up Your Horse and Wolf Mounts: Ensure your horse and wolf mounts are leveled up.

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How To Level Up New World Mounts

Here's how you can level up your mounts:

Feeding Your Mount:

  •  Feeding is a primary way to gain Riding XP for your mount.

  • You can feed your mount with special food items that are available within the game.

Participating in Rallies:

  • Engage in rallies and races that are designed for mounts.

  • Completing these activities provides Mount XP or vittles, which can increase your mount's level.

Completing Mount Quests:

  • There are specific quests in the game that, when completed, reward you with Riding XP.

  • These quests often involve using your mount and can contribute to its leveling.

Using Mount Buffs:

  • Apply mount buffs that can enhance various aspects of your mount's performance.

  • Some buffs may also contribute to the Riding XP gained during activities.

Riding Trade Skill:

  • Level up the Riding Trade Skill by using your mount and participating in related activities.

  • As you increase this skill, your mount's speed and other attributes will improve.

By consistently feeding and using your mount, participating in mount-specific activities, and focusing on the Riding Trade Skill, you can effectively level up your mounts in New World. Remember, the higher the level of your mount, the better its performance and abilities will be as you explore the world of Aeternum.

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What is Riding Trade Skill New World

The Riding Trade Skill is a vital addition to New World, closely tied to the performance and efficiency of your mounts.

Riding Trade Skill is crucial because it directly affects your mount’s agility and endurance, allowing for swifter movement and prolonged sprints. Additionally, a higher skill level unlocks a plethora of mount buffs and personalization features, making your mount distinctively yours. You can Level up the Riding Trade Skill in the following ways:

  • Engage in Time Trials and Mount Quests: Take part in various tours, rallies, and time trials, and complete quests tailored for mounts to incrementally improve the skill and your mount's capabilities.
  • Feed Your Mounts: Provide your mounts with specialized feed and consumables designed for them to facilitate skill progression.

New World Mounts Buff

Mount buffs are special trinket-like items that enhance various aspects of your mount's locomotion. Here's a list of some of the mount buffs you can obtain:

  • Cleansing Talisman: Applies Cleanse on forced dismount.

  • Empowered Talisman: Applies Empower on forced dismount.

  • Fortified Talisman: Applies Fortify on forced dismount.

  • Hastey Talisman: Applies Haste on forced dismount.

  • Healing Talisman: Applies Heal on forced dismount.

  • Mountaineer’s Pendant: Reduces damage on landing.

  • Cavalier Crest: Reduces summoning time.

  • Beast of Burden Bangle: Increases encumbered tolerance.

Other buffs can increase Dash Capacity, Power, or Recharge speed. These buffs are bind-on-pickup, have a Riding level requirement, and can be paired with one other mount buff. You can earn these rare items through quests, Riding Trade Skill rewards, and open world drops. Additionally, you can pick up new mounts, mount attachments, and mount dyes from the in-game Store in exchange for Marks of Fortune.


As we conclude our journey through the world of mounts in New World, it's clear that these noble beasts are more than mere vehicles—they are symbols of the bond between a warrior and the wild, and emblems of the freedom that awaits in the vast expanse of Aeternum. Whether you choose the swift horse, the sturdy dire wolf, or the regal lion, each mount promises a unique adventure filled with excitement and discovery. So saddle up, brave explorers, for the road ahead is yours to conquer. With your trusty mount by your side and the wind at your back, there's no limit to the wonders you'll find in the New World.

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