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SWTOR Crafting in Knights of the Eternal Throne

Helen KellerJanuary 02nd, 2017 12510

The Crafting Skills are part of Crew Skills that involve using the raw resources gathered from Gathering Skills to create many different items. These skills enable the character to construct armor, weapons, implants as well as other types of useful items and gear. If gamers are not good at crafting, they have to buy swtor gold to afford those useful equipment. Here is the detailed crafting changes in KotET on the official web:

Star Wars: Knights of the Eternal Empire, Play Your Story!

Helen KellerNovember 25th, 2016 12127

Battle to rule the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Eternal Throne, a bold new digital expansion from BioWare. Be the Outlander and command a team of hand - picked allies as you face one of the most dangerous families in Star Wars. Mother against daughter. Sister against brother. It’s a fight for control of the throne. You decide who will live, who will die and who will rule the galaxy. Fight to influence the galaxy for the light or dark side of the Force!

SWTOR-KotET: A Mother’s Hope

Helen KellerNovember 21st, 2016 12643

With The SWTOR’s next expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, only two weeks away, Bioware released a short story on Vaylin and Senya written by Drew Karpyshyn. Set on Ord Mantell, the story is called “A Mother’s Hope”. It adds a bit of backstory for the relationship between Senya and her daughter Vaylin. Last month’s cinematic trailer featured both characters.

SWTOR: KotET Galactic Command

Helen KellerNovember 04th, 2016 16020

Galactic Command is a brand new progression system coming in SWTOR newest expansion-Knights of the Eternal Throne. Premium players (subscribers) who have reached Level 70 can access Galactic Command from anywhere! This system puts everything in the universe at your fingertips, accessible through one interface. With every battle you face, including Warzones, Operations, new erupting action-packed Uprisings, you earn Command Rank, unlocking increasingly more powerful rewards and impacting the bala

How to Buy Cheap SWTOR Credits/Gold Online Easily

John RyanJanuary 06th, 2016 9714

Many SWTOR players comment that Knights of the Fallen Empire is the most comprehensive expansion to massively multiplayer game which they’ve played. KotFE is so popular among SWTOR players that many players would like to buy SWTOR gold (SWTOR gold kaufen) from gaming websites.

Strategy Guide (2/2) of Star Wars: Empire at War

John RyanDecember 31st, 2015 11482

In last guide of Star Wars of Empire at War, Strategy Guide (1/2) of Star Wars: Empire at War, we’d talked about some basic information of Empire at War and the first three main steps of this patch. In this essay, we’ll continue introducing the rest four key steps of the patch strategy guide to Star Wars players.

Strategy Guide (1/2) of Star Wars: Empire at War

John RyanDecember 25th, 2015 12297

As we know that the Galactic map is large and complicated. On the map, the green zone is for your allies’, the place colored red is for your enemies’, and the yellow part is for the neutrals’ that consist primarily of Black Star pirates. Please read the key steps carefully and we believe that this strategy guide will help a lot to your gaming skills and make your survival the black depths of space.

Guide for SWTOR – Revamped and Ready to Battle

John RyanDecember 16th, 2015 10335

Three years old and still going strong, Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR) has pulled at my strings again and undoubtedly those of numerous old players who took their characters to the end of beyond and then settled back into the real world. Released in December 2011, SWTOR is reputed to have set back Bioware by $100 to $200 million in development, though they have earned it back and then some! Let MmoGah shares SWTOR revamped guides to you!

Dread Master Styrak HM Operation Boss Guide Summarized From an Elite SWTOR Player

John RyanNovember 27th, 2015 11207

The Dread Masters possess incredible, unprecedented power over the dark side of the Force; a power developed through rituals created by one of their own, the incomparable Sith alchemist known as Styrak. Even before Styrak became one of the Dread Masters, his superior intellect and sadistic experiments on subjects both living and dead were infamous. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of slaves and beasts have been claimed by Styrak’s heartless pursuit of mastery over the Force.

Guide to Patch 4.0.2 Updates in SWTOR

John RyanNovember 20th, 2015 11712

First, Patch 4.0.2 adjusts the companion gift preferences for about 80% of the companions with some minor tweaks and many subscribers (who buy their SWTOR Gold from our site) have updated their companion influence guides with the new values.

How and Where to Buy SWTOR Easy Credits/Gold?

John RyanNovember 13th, 2015 10670

“SWTOR Easy Credits” has been on the top five since the new expansion-KotFE was released. It can be seen that SWTOR Gold is on hot sale again with the popularity of KotFE. (Many players say: “Knights of the Fallen Empire is the best and most comprehensive expansion to massively multiplayer game that they’ve played”) However, there is a question that bothers almost all players about how and where to buy SWTOR easy credits/gold.

Why MmoGah Advises Its Customers to Buy Safe SWTOR Gold via Mailbox

John RyanNovember 04th, 2015 10290

SWTOR has three delivery methods adopted in SWTOR Gold (SWTOR Gold Kaufen) trade-Face to Face, Auction House and Mailbox. However, MmoGah only advises its customers to buy SWTOR Gold via Mailbox. Here, I believe that many SWTOR players do not understand why we just use the only one delivery method, so I will explain the reasons to all of you.

How to Buy the Safest SWTOR Gold

John RyanOctober 30th, 2015 10557

How to buy the safest SWTOR Gold (SWTOR Gold Kaufen) is the most important thing that SWTOR subscribers care about. Especially, now KotFE is so popular among SWTOR players that so many SWTOR subscribers would like buy gold from third faction (the official announces that SWTOR subscribers have been up 33% since Fallen Empire was released).

SWTOR KotFE-Amazing Expansion

John RyanOctober 28th, 2015 9869

It has been more than a week since KotFE was released, which gains high praise from loyal and new players, as well as enthusiasm from those who lost interest in SWTOR before. The new expansion is really successful and amazing, there are thousands of subscribers added since 20th, and many of the SWTOR subscribers have placed many SWTOR Gold orders at MmoGah (one gold order is at least 5000K). This fully shows that the new expansion is really popular.

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