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ffxiv spam

Not All FFXIV Gil Sellers Are Spammers

John RyanSeptember 23rd, 2015 9668

Do you have this experience? You are standing around, and you get a friend request from an abvious FFXIV Gil seller. In fact, almost all FFXIV players have experience like this including the accounts of Mmogah. Spam is boring, it makes players feel disturbed. So a lot of players revolted against all FFXIV Gil sellers. In their mind, gil sellers mean spammers. As the largest FFXIV Gil seller who sells FFXIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling for 5 years from FFXIV Ver.1.0, Mmogah could tell you that so

What Should We Do before Buying FFXIV Gil

John RyanSeptember 16th, 2015 9385

Are there FFXIV players to buy FFXIV Gil? According to the orders at Mmogah, the answer is “yes”. Quite a lot of players are buying or bought FF14 Gil at Mmogah and some other sites. Though not all of FFXIV players have Final Fantasy XIV Gil in need, buying FFXIV Gil is still common to see. Is it safe enough to buy FFXIV Gil (FFXIV Gil kaufen)? What should we do before buying FFXIV Gil?

An Objective Discussion on Buying FFXIV GIL

John RyanJanuary 15th, 2015 8592

Almost all of the players in FFXIV have seen the shouts, the random tells everywhere. Spammers are hawking their service here and there. You may hate buying FFXIV GIL, say it is illicit, unethical and against the TOS. But many players have bought FFXIV GIL at mmogah, and the number is becoming larger and larger. Is it a bad experience?

Why Buying FFXIV GIL at Mmogah Is The Safest Without Any Spam

John RyanJanuary 12th, 2015 7030

Most of the players in FFXIV may feel troubled with the spam here and there, especially to the players who have ever bought ffxiv gil at some websites. In this situation, you may feel worried about your accounts’ safety. How the spammers get your info in game and contact with you?

The Reason for Our Two Accounts “mmogah” “happysnow” on Ownedcore.com Got Banned

John RyanNovember 23rd, 2014 13977

Recently there were customers asked why our accounts on Ownedcore.com got banned. We know they were afraid we are scammer or became scammer. We are aware that we should explain to everyone why our two accounts “mmogah” “happysnow” on Ownedcore.com got banned.

How to Avoid Getting Ban for Buying FFXIV GIL

John RyanJuly 11th, 2014 14712

I think most of the players are in need of FFXIV Gil, but it's not easy to collect by yourself. If you are not a max-leveled and well-geared crafter, its very hard to make Gil in FFXIV. For a battle class you can get Gil by doing leves, farming myth to exchange item to sell and some other ways

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