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The Summary of Logging on the Eastern and Western Continents in Archeage

John RyanJuly 15th, 2015 11078

Logs are very popular in Archeage, because making a lot of things needs logs, so all players are inseparable from logs. Almost life players regard logging as the main life skill, in addition to buying saplings to plant themselves (here Archeage gold will be needed), players often do lumbering in the wild, as we know the later method is usually a better choice.

ArcheAge Gold Making Strategy Guide in ArcheAge World

John RyanJuly 10th, 2015 7173

ArcheAge is known as a fantasy massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) produced and developed by a famous South Korean group, XL Games. It is not only available in South Korea but also for North American, European, Australian, and even Russian players. In this assay we would like to talk about some strategies for money making in ArcheAge.

The Salvage of the Dead Leviathan in Archeage

John RyanJuly 10th, 2015 15651

Leviathan, the most powerful BOSS on the sea, its surface is covered with long and fine wrinkles, particularly its back is as hard as a shield which makes itself own strong defense ability, so many players will be needed to be together to kill it (about the introduction of Leviathan, which we have done before, if you want to know about it, please click here).

Fast Upgrading Strategy Guide Shared by Professional Archeage Player

John RyanJuly 08th, 2015 8135

Generally the most important factor for rapidly leveling up is the allocation of classes on your team. In this game, two characters to level up as a group is the best choice for early upgrading. The two classes are usually a DPS and a Healer which would be a stable and perfect choice for clearing wild beasts efficiently and keeping safe during upgrading process.

The Cart for Trade Run on the Continents in Archeage

John RyanJuly 08th, 2015 7140

Trade run on the continent is one of the most popular gameplays in Archeage, which is also a better choice for making money. When it comes to trade run, we have to say that vehicles are the most important, how much players earn depends on what types of ship they have. Now, our Archeage gold selling site will be glad to introduce the most representative vehicle-cart to all players.

How to Choose a Reliable ArcheAge Gold Seller to Purchase Cheap In-game Gold

John RyanJuly 03rd, 2015 5266

Archeage is a popular MMORPG which is developed by Korea game company XL Games. As known that Nuia and Harihara are the two main continents in game, and there are four big races in total which are Nomadic Firran, Secretive Elves, Spiritual Nuians and Cunning Harani. ArcheAge gold is the official currency in game. Players are allowed to farm gold to support their characters’ daily live by buying blueprints/certificates for guild and trade it in auction house.

The Analysis of Archeage Life Skills

John RyanJuly 03rd, 2015 8899

A masterpiece of the online game not only has massive world views, superb frames and fierce battles, but also a rich variety of life skills, which can better meet the needs of all players, and can make Archeage itself be a dream world. Here, our Archeage gold selling site will introduce Archege life skills to all players.

The Playability of Mainstream Profession in Archeage

John RyanJuly 01st, 2015 6818

The ArcheAge Devouring Depths Game Update has awakened, in the meantime, there are many new updates in Archeage marketplace which makes the game more popular among players. In order to help new players master the gameplay better and faster, our Archeage gold selling site here is glad to summarize the playability of mainstream profession (shared by some elite Archeage players).

Brand New Packs Now Are Live to the Devouring Depths of ArcheAge

John RyanJuly 01st, 2015 8663

Trion World has updated brand new packs to the Devouring Depths in its fantasy pirate MMO game of ArcheAge. So all of the ArcheAge’s players now can enjoy new adventures with a hold full of pets, costumes, perks and all-new depths packs in ArcheAge world.

Marketplace Update: Soulmare has galloped into ArcheAge

John RyanJune 26th, 2015 10465

Soulmare, known as ghost steed, has been brought into ArcheAge world. It is a key item in this new ArcheAge Marketplace update. Soulmare is untradeable. ArcheAge players get chances to obtain this ghost steed from Soulmare Archeum Supply Crate, and it is available for 490 Credits.

Western Continent’s Best Robbery Spots in Archeage

John RyanJune 26th, 2015 7345

Archeage is a game with high degree of freedom, including various gameplays. Almost all players want to rob their targets and do something that never happens in real life. However, many players don’t know how to rob targets and where are the best robbery spots.

Why Players Choose the MMORPG of ArcheAge?

John RyanJune 24th, 2015 5693

ArcheAge is a MMORPG developed by South Korea company XL Games and published by Trion worldwide. Now it becomes one of the popular MMO games and the number of subscribers has been rising ever since.

The Solutions of Some Archeage’s Difficult Tasks in Western Continent

John RyanJune 24th, 2015 9519

Nowadays, more and more players like playing Archeage. Archeage (particularly liberal and durable) is really worth taking the time to play, however there are always some difficult tasks which make players headache.

ArcheAge Gold Trade Regulation Changes at Mmogah

John RyanJune 19th, 2015 7628

Players who play the game of ArcheAge know that ArcheAge Gold is the main currency which used in trading with each other in ArcheAge. ArcheAge gold is often used for lots of services in the game such as acquiring new skills and travelling, etc. MMOGAH.COM is undoubtable one of the best places to purchase ArcheAge gold. However, as rapid change of ArcheAge gold selling market, some gold trade regulations have been modified at Mmogah.

Complete Archeage Strategies for New Players

John RyanJune 19th, 2015 9049

Nowadays Archeage is more and more popular among players, so more new players begin to play Archeage, in order to make new players know about Archeage completely, our Archeage gold site here is glad to share Archeage strategies with all new players.

Travel in ArcheAge World- Land, Sea and Air

John RyanJune 17th, 2015 7311

ArcheAge is a popular and fantasy MMORPG game in worldwide. Players are free to choose their own paths and the ways that they prefer to play starting from the continents of Nuia and Haranya to the lost shores of Auroria which is the birthplace of class of magic. There are 120 classes available for players to choose in ArcheAge or players can live as a pirate, ransacking and pillaging the high seas for plunder and ArcheAge gold.

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