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SWTOR Patch 5.9.2 Is Delayed to August 7th

By Helen Keller2018-07-26

The official just announced that SWTOR Patch 5.9.2 was delayed to August 7th. They want to make some improvements to key functionalities based on the amazing and constructive feedbacks. Now, MmoGah (a professional swtor credits selling website) shares the details with you in the following parts:


Hello everyone!


Thanks to all of the amazing and constructive feedback you’ve shared with us as part of this PTS cycle, the SWTOR dev team has determined some needed improvements to key functionality as well as areas where we want to put a little more time and polish into the Rishi Hideout Stronghold to ensure the update is as awesome as possible. To that end, we are pushing the release date for 5.9.2 - Galactic Legend back one week to August 7, 2018. We will also be releasing one last update to PTS to help test out these high-priority items along with various other bugfixes that have been made; we’re aiming to make that available before this weekend, possibly as soon as tomorrow.


Let’s walk through those high-priority pieces of feedback and the changes and polish that are resulting from them:

The ability to toggle PvP on and off throughout the entire Rishi Hideout Stronghold: This was added directly due to your feedback - it’s a great idea and really useful for many Players. That said, there are a lot of potential complications and edge-cases involved, so we want to be sure the feature gets as much testing as possible before launch.


Line-of-sight should operate normally with decorations: There were a few issues identified with decorations where they weren’t respecting line-of-sight limitations consistently, and we agree that resolving this is critical to the functionality of Rishi. We believe we have corrected these issues, but again would like to include the community in trying them out to make sure we’re hitting the mark.

New area in the Rishi Hideout - The Overlook: Many passionate Stronghold lovers have requested a more “home-y” space in the Rishi Hideout. I mentioned in a post last week that we would not be able to make that happen for release, but that the dev team really took that feedback to heart. Turns out, they took it so much to heart that the team went way above and beyond to get a new area added in record time so that we could include it in the extra PTS round! So please, load in, check it out, and maybe throw a bit of love the Stronghold team’s way for making it happen


This is only a short list, of course; if there’s another feature improvement or bug that you don’t see mentioned above, be sure to check out Musco’s upcoming post this week that will include more specific details about what will and won’t be making it into the update.


One of our major goals with this release was to revitalize our PTS process so that we could better include the community in finalizing 5.9.2 at the high level of quality you expect from Star Wars: The Old Republic. We’re very pleased with the participation and highly constructive feedback we’ve received as a result of this process, and we’re really looking forward to repeating the experience for more of our upcoming releases later this year.


Thank you all so much for your participating, sharing your thoughts, and supporting a great release for SWTOR!


Here are lots of reviews:

I will assume it is a personal favour to me since aligns much better with my travel plans. Thank you (and please, those hundred bucks I mailed you in unmarked bills, don’t tell the rest of the player base that. They’ll just get it all wrong, you know?).---Eksenia


Zero surprised about a delay but glad that time and attention is being made to make everything as right as possible before general release. Thank you for performing due diligence in this release, and I'm happy the dev team found the motivation to make more players happy with the new stronghold.



You guys are the absolute BEST! Thank you so much for doing this! Even if it ends up being something that I would not normally favor, I will absolutely buy the SH now. It's the very least I can do since so much hard work and sensitivity to players is being demonstrated. Seriously, you're all my favorite people right now! Thank you so so much!---DuchessKristania


THANK YOU so much for listening to the feedback on the issues of the PvP toggle and the house!! It's appreciated so much that the devs have taken time to really listen to the suggestions posted. Can't wait to see the new area.---IoNonSoEVero


Thanks so much to all the devs AND the test engineers for all your hard work on this. If a better product means this has to slip a bit that's the best way to move forward. You guys are awesome!---Jutsman


Nice to hear that you take your time 

Listening to what the players said is also a good thing.

Could it be possible that you add the Mandalorian armor with jetpack that the player want ? 

Quick Reminder: Mandalorian Hunter like + jetpack + shoulder pads + heavy belt.---AOrdo


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