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How to Fast Make SWTOR Credits

By Helen Keller2018-08-10

How to make swtor credits fast? Based on game’s development, patch updates and occasional bugs, there are many ways to earn credits. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways of how to earn credits and get rich.


Five useful methods to earn credits in SWTOR (MmoGah summarizes them from other website) are listed in the following parts, ordered from least effective to most effective.


Farming Heroics

Make decent amount of money without spending too much time on preparations and research. Of course, you earn less money from each quest when you are a low level. At level cap each mission also rewards you with Command Experience Points, which is a side-bonus to the main goal here - making money fast. You can speed up the process by teaming up with one or two friends.


The fastest way to get the missions is to pick up the Heroics from the Activities Window. They are all sharable, so if you are bringing a friend along, they don’t need to be picking up the same missions on their own. One of the more recent additions to the game was the ability to quickly travel to your Mission Destination. Take full advantage of that feature!


You will not get stupid rich from doing Heroics and it’s very likely that you will grow to resent this activity quite soon after several repetitions. This is probably the easiest way for you to make good amount of money through simple gameplay and it works on any class and character. It is however far from the “best” option you have.


Crafting and Selling Items

Crafting various items based on your character’s crafting professions and gathering skills and then selling them on the Galactic Trade Network or directly to other players is a much more effective, but also dangerous method.


You need to have more than one character with maxed out Crew Skills levels. You will also need to devote more time to placing your crafted items onto GTN.


It is very important to know which crafted items sell well at any given time. The meta doesn’t change daily, but between patches it’s often the case that the best-selling item may tomorrow become completely useless and unmovable. You have to do your research and find out what sells well and start crafting it. Remember that your time spent into gathering the resources and crafting the items should also be taken into account when calculating your profit. The more time you spent on an activity, the less productive it is in the end.


Crafting for profit can be very tricky. You need to find your niche and stick to it for as long as it is profitable. If you become known for making a certain type or types of items, the community might actually start pointing out to you. To be noted and stand out from the crowd, however, you would need to be able to make the more complex items - the level cap raiding and PvP gear. Sadly, to really profit from such crafting, you also need rare and expensive materials. If you buy them, your profit is thinning by the amount you pay for the ingredients. If you can participate in End-Game activities and gather those rare materials by yourself, this will make your profit larger, but the process will consume more of your free time.


It’s of vital importance to place items for sale with short duration. Other players will surely attempt to undercut you in most cases, unless you are selling items in your own niche and are offering prices nobody is willing or able to beat (which is incredibly rare).


Playing the GTN Game

This the most interesting and also most dangerous segment. What does “Playing the GTN Game” means? This method only requires one character, but it will take a lot of detailed knowledge of the current meta-game and awareness of what is being made, sold and purchased on the GTN.


The basic idea is for you to check regularly multiple categories and types of items being sold on daily (and even hourly) basis. After a certain amount of time, you will start remembering what certain items are usually being sold for. Desperate players seeking quick money are everywhere on all servers, so valuable and rare items often appear for prices much, much below their regular target. The reason for that is sometimes sloppiness of the user - example: an item being sold for 10k instead of 100k, because the seller typed one less “0” by mistake.


As soon as you see an item available on GTN for a lower price than its standard one, pick it up and put it up immediately (or not) for sale again with a much higher price.


When you are an experienced GTN player and veteran of the game in general you are expected to know what items are rare. If you spot a single instance of a rare item that you know the community is looking for, placed on GTN for a low price, snatch it right away and put it back up for a much higher price.


Much like when you are crafting and selling your own items. It’s important not to put them on the market for longer periods of time.


Selling Crafting Materials

You can have fun enjoying some vistas, and have your companions busy 100% of their time and be able to collect huge amounts of raw crafting materials from planets and various missions. Pick up three gathering skills from the trainers on the Fleet and start collecting materials from the planets. Make sure you have the maximum number of companions available to be sent to missions all the time.


Selling Cartel Market Items

You can make an insane amount of credits by this way, but you need spend real life money. However, if you have more money, you can purchase unique items from the In-Game Cartel Market Store first and resell them on GTN. A good alternative is to purchase Cartel Packs and Hypercrates, but then you would have to rely on your luck to pull rare and expensive items out of these crates.


Do you like the essay? MmoGah hopes to bring you good ways to fast earn your swtor credits without buying them from the gold selling websites. If you want to master more about swtor, you can leave your comments below and then MmoGah will try its best to give you a satisfied answer.

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