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SWTOR: Cartel Bazaar Vendors Reputation Change

By Helen Keller2018-07-19

SWTOR cartel bazaar vendor reputation will merge in 5.9.2. Do you like this? MmoGah (a professional swtor credits selling website) lists the detailed official contents in the following parts:



Why Combine the Reputations?

Having all of the older Reputations wasn’t really serving a purpose anymore. Since the official is direct selling most CM items and with the implementation of the Ultimate Pack they hasn’t been bringing back embargoed packs. This means there is no availability for players to get these Reputations. This also creates an issue for Cartel Market Certificates since they aren’t consistent in how you acquire them, this makes it challenging to provide updated ways to spend them.


What Will Happen to My Existing Reputations?

All Cartel Market Reputations will now be combined into a single CM Rep, the Underworld Exchange. All progress you have from existing CM reps will be added together. Ex: If you are Legend right now in any CM rep, you will be a Legend in Underworld Exchange. If you are Champion in two of the reps, those values will be combined and could even rank you up.


What about the Legacy Titles / Rep Gear?

Any titles you have earned you will keep. Gear that you have will check against the new rep (which you will meet or exceed the requirement). Those titles will no longer be possible to earn. The official may consider options for reintroducing those titles in the future, but there are no plans at this time.


How Do I Earn Underworld Exchange Reputation?

Reputation tokens will be a guaranteed drop from Ultimate Cartel Packs unless you are at Legend status. Cartel Market Certificates are being added into the pack as a rare drop.


There are lots of comments about the change and let’s see some representative reviews here:


Some guy named Azudelphi said: “Any way you could consider some form of goodie, freebie, feature, etc for those that shelled out enough credits/cash to get legend status in multiple cartel market reputations and would massively exceed what was required for legend on a single reputation?

He could foresee that being a sore spot for the people this would apply to...”


Another guy called Phalczen reviewed what Azudelphi said: “He knew it was a longshot, but he certainly wouldn’t turn away some free CM Certs, like maybe 5 for every reputation at legend above the first one, adding the total number of points. For example, there were six cartel market reputations. Initially the cartel tracks required more points than the in-game ones, but at some point they were changed, maybe with 5.0 even, and now they were all the same cumulative point totals, which was 70K points total to get you to Legend level. If you were at Legend for all six tracks then you would get 25 Certs, 5 x (6-1). If you were legend at one, and had 35k points in the remaining five tracks, then your combined point total would be 245k points, which was 175k points over legend, which would give you two legend levels above your first, so 10 Certs. If you were Legend in two tracks, and had 10K points in the remaining four tracks, then you combined total rep points would be 70+70+40 for 180k points, which was just over two legends’ worth of points, so since you were one legend rank over your first, you’d get 5 Certs. He meant the numbers could be tweaked, of course, but Cartel Certificate Decos from the fleet vendor cost 1-2 and from the item vendors most big ticket items cost no more than 6 certs, so he thought this was a reasonable place to start.”


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