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A Few Tips on How to Farm SWTOR Credits/Gold

It has been nearly one month since the new expansion-KotFE was released. In the past few weeks, the SWTOR 4.0 has made SWTOR be so popular again that there are 30% subscribers added. With the popularity of KotFE, how to farm SWTOR Credits/Gold is the most important thing that all players are concerned about. Here, I sincerely to share three tips (summarized by some elite player) with all of you.

1.      If you are stacked with a load of basic comms on multiple toons, you can purchase the Artifact lvl 50 box (the purple one) and buy as many as you can (leave one slot open in your inventory). You open all of them one by one and sell everything back to the vendor (minus the legacy gear, keep those will explain in the next line). Doing this will get you anywhere between 2K-9K worth of credits for each item. On average 800-1000 Basic comms can get you 600K-900K credits per toon.


2.      All the legacy Birthright and Inheritance gear you get, take them to the legacy vendor and purchase any gear you can get. You then have a few options, you can either wait the 2 hour limit then sell it back to the vendor or you can put them in an outfit slot (preferably a low level toon) then sell them back to the vendor. Each piece will give you about 1K-5K credits.


3.      Yavin 4 Weekly: completing the Yavin 4 weekly will net you about 150K (when you factor in the bonus missinos) but you can also get additional credit by selling the companion legacy gear you receive and that can be sold back immediately which will make you earn another 60K.

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