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SWTOR: Some Big Changes in May

All SWTOR adventurers should be prepare yourselves well in advance, May will be a busy month. Are you ready for that? Up to now, it has been known about 3 main highlights – new chapter Profit and Plunder, new Weapon Tunings and Super Serious Starfighter Saturday on The Harbinger.

SWTOR: The New Weapon Tunings

The new Chapter Profit and Plunder will be released on May 5, before that A Weapon Tuning has been newly added to customize your weaponry, creating a brilliant visual flair on the weapon.

SWTOR New Chapter: Profit and Plunder Is Coming on May 5, 2016

It has just been more than a week since the chapter 12 was released, now Bioware announces that it will update the new chapter-Profit and Plunder on May 5, 2016. So fast update, are you guys ready for that? Let’s know about the specific contents of the new chapter, and experience the charm of it in advance.

How to Choose A Reliable SWTOR Gold Seller without Getting Banned

As you know, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a non-free MMO, all gamers need to subscribe it with real money, as well as need SWTOR Gold to pay for powerful weapons, server transfers, quests and storylines… Almost every gameplay needs SWTOR Gold’s support, so you should know about the importance of the gold. However, it is not easy for gamers, especially busy gamers to farm, so more gamers choose to buy SWTOR Gold (SWTOR Gold Kaufen) from a reliable and professional website instead of farming gol

SWTOR: Update 4.3-Visions in the Dark

The new update 4.3 has been released on April 7th, and the new chapter 12 – Visions in the Dark introduces a darker, more ominous story as the Outlander’s battle intensifies both within his Alliance and the Eternal Empire itself. In this chapter, Confront Valkorion in the wilderness of Odessen as the Alliance prepares to undertake a life-and-death mission to the heart of the Eternal Empire. As a subscriber, the gamer can be free to embark on the Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline beginning w

SWTOR Is Really Worth Playing

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has always been touted as a World of Warcraft (WoW) clone by many, but that’s all in the past. Due to the many unique features it now has, the game has stepped out from the huge shadow WoW casted and become one of the top MMORPGs in its own right.

A Big SWTOR Fan: I Have Been Being Crazy about It since December 20, 2011

I am a hardcore fan of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and have been playing it for about 5 years, never stop. Many friends had ever played it with me at the beginning, but they changed to play other MMOs when SWTOR suffered its downturn. They always ask me why I like SWTOR so much. In fact, I do not give the exact reason, maybe I am a person with a lasting love or just pursue an individualistic heroism.

How to Make Gold/Credits Fast in SWTOR: Section Two

We have introduced some tips of how to make credits fast in last article: How to make credits fast section one. Here, let us continue introducing SWTOR strategy of how to make credits fast to Star Wars players.

How to Make Gold/Credits Fast in SWTOR: Section One

How to make SWTOR gold/credits is an important thing that SWTOR gamers concern about, since they are in need of SWTOR gold/credits to strengthen their gears or speed up their characters’ level, but where the SWTOR credits come from? How to farm SWTOR credits? These questions bother many players. Here MmoGah as one of the best SWTOR gold sellers would like to share SWTOR strategy with you!

How to Buy Cheap SWTOR Credits/Gold Online Easily

Many SWTOR players comment that Knights of the Fallen Empire is the most comprehensive expansion to massively multiplayer game which they’ve played. KotFE is so popular among SWTOR players that many players would like to buy SWTOR gold (SWTOR gold kaufen) from gaming websites.

Strategy Guide (2/2) of Star Wars: Empire at War

In last guide of Star Wars of Empire at War, Strategy Guide (1/2) of Star Wars: Empire at War, we’d talked about some basic information of Empire at War and the first three main steps of this patch. In this essay, we’ll continue introducing the rest four key steps of the patch strategy guide to Star Wars players.

Strategy Guide (1/2) of Star Wars: Empire at War

As we know that the Galactic map is large and complicated. On the map, the green zone is for your allies’, the place colored red is for your enemies’, and the yellow part is for the neutrals’ that consist primarily of Black Star pirates. Please read the key steps carefully and we believe that this strategy guide will help a lot to your gaming skills and make your survival the black depths of space.

Star Wars’ Fourth Anniversary Promotion Event & The Old Republic

For celebrating the fourth year anniversary of Star Wars: The Old Republic, players can now move into Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Strongholds for only 4 credits from the original price 5,000 credits. Moreover, players also will get new rewards such as HK-51 Assassin Droid besides the promotion activity.

Guide for SWTOR – Revamped and Ready to Battle

Three years old and still going strong, Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR) has pulled at my strings again and undoubtedly those of numerous old players who took their characters to the end of beyond and then settled back into the real world. Released in December 2011, SWTOR is reputed to have set back Bioware by $100 to $200 million in development, though they have earned it back and then some! Let MmoGah shares SWTOR revamped guides to you!

Star Wars New Update 4.0.3 Highlights

John Ryan2015-12-11 6395

In the month of December, all of games have passionately brought their players or fans lots of events and festivals to celebrate Christmas, besides the classic game Star Wars. There is a whole host of events going on in the galaxy in December. Here we bring some highlights of the update 4.0.3. Let’s see the December Star Wars event schedule in the following.

Useful Strategy Tips of Star Wars Battlefront Beta

The Star Wars Battlefront Beta is going to be available soon for all of the Star Wars fans. Dream of crossing the galaxy will come true and will be enjoyed by Rebels and Imperials alike. To help the Star Wars fans preparing for it, here we provide some useful tips below.

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