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SWTOR: What Are Your Favorite Operation and Boss?

What’s your favorite operation? What is your favorite boss? Different player give different answers, and now Mmogah will list some representative answers in the following parts.

“Best Operation: Dread Fortress! I love how it looks and I like the theme: You have a group of Sith Lords ready to wipe out the galaxy, before taking them you have dismantle their “horror factory” where they are training / creating their weapons and at the end you have the Dread Master in charge of the horrific set up! I dunno it really feels like the cartoons/comic books I watch as a kid, where the heroes have assault the bad guy and he is on the top of his castle, so they start at the dungeons and they clear their way till they reach him at the top, killing one henchman/monster after another, which one more dangerous and stronger than the last!


Favorite Encounter: SOA! I really like this encounter and I like how the EV OP really builds him up, till we reach him! He was never super hard not even on Nightmare mode but fight is cool, destructing the scenario around him and such! He was the 1st end boss of the game so there is also a bit of nostalgia here. I never have done Revan besides SM, and I heard the encounter in HM is really challenging and cool so I might change my opinion eventually!”-Drevs


“Favorite Operation: The Dread Palace

Four boss fights that are big bad villains you’ve been hearing about or chasing since your first time doing Karragga's Palace. Two of the six are already down, and all the drama of having them toy with you and compete among themselves to see which of them can defeat you is front and center. Every fight is unique and almost every one introduced something new to SWTOR operations that we’d never seen or done before.


Then, when all six have been defeated, the finale ramps up the challenge level by making you face all six at once-and each one brings some ability to the table that hearkens back to when you fought them individually (Styrak’s dragon, Bestia’s rotating lightning, Raptus’ spin-and-chase, etc.)


Favorite Encounter: Dread Master Calphayus

I love this fight for 2 reasons:

As a straight-out fight, this one does something that we’d never seen in an OP before: splitting up the group into two “flashpoint” groups, each into their own separate instances. Not only does this mean that good communication between the groups is required for success, but also each group has to pull their own weight in each of the instances. There will be no carrying of healers and tanks at all through Calphayus’ fight.


As a narrative, I’m a sucker for time-travel, and this one uses it in a very smart way...leading to an extremely subtle, but inescapable conclusion: Calphayus isn’t actually trying to beat you.


In the first Visions of the Past and Future phase, the boss is trying to get the Future group by sending them to a place where the dark growth exists, then simultaneously trying to prevent it from ever being planted-changing the future by altering the past.


When that strategy fails, in the next Visions phase he tries the opposite by using crystals to over-charge his power, forcing you to be the ones to change the future by altering the past, denying him access to that crystal.”-THE_Dianiss


“Favorite Operation: Scum and Villainy. It’s hard to describe why it’s so good. I think they really just nailed the whole “infiltrate the base of a bunch of Cartel warlords” thing. Each boss is unique and, for the most part, different than any other Ops boss that we have in SWTOR. I also just love the setting. Everything seems to come together as a beautifully developed operation as a whole.


Favorite Boss: I'm going to go a different direction and say the final boss, Mentor, of the Directive 7 Flashpoint. To me, this is the most immersive boss in the game. The computer has taken over the AI on the entire island and is going rogue, and that’s exactly what it feels like when you’re fighting it. Having to fight off random automated turrets that pop up, destroying power cores, avoiding builder claws and ray beams, and fighting off huge robots that the AI is in control of. It feels like you’re battling a robot overlord who is trying to take over the world. I tend to PUG flashpoint groups, and this boss and all of its organized chaos is fun no matter how many times I do it. Ironically, I don’t really care for the rest of the flashpoint.”-guraqt2t


“Favorite OP might be KP. I had so much fun learning the mechanics with my guild and figuring out what a tank was supposed to do. I just got so engaged into the story and we ran it dozens of times. Clearing it on Hard and NiM made me so happy.


I think my favorite boss might be The Terror From Beyond. It is so visually impressive and the jumping around from the spit puddles. I know it isn’t the most challenging of bosses but I love the stages. You start fighting the tentacles with the DPS check and then through the portal to battle the boss in the rift thing. It was great.”-CatManDontDo


“My favorite operation is Terror from Beyond: I love all things Gree, it’s visually striking, it was the very first one I did and none of its fights have annoying things just for melee dps.


My favorite boss however is Brontes, the mechanics are really fun and engaging throughout and Brontes herself has a great voice and personality (main problem with Tyth: he’s annoying as hell “I.AM.RAGE!!!!!” ugh, shut up! Thank the force for the separate audio toggle for voices or progression would have been unbearable). Plus she has the best ride in the game, clearly a woman of good taste!”-lovemycaptain


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