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SWTOR: More Details on Future In-game Events

Helen Keller Date: June 09th, 2017 Views: 8606 in game events swtor credits swtor gold buy swtor credits

In the following days, there are four exciting in-game events which will totally bring you an excellent experience. Here Mmogah will list all the detailed four events, and you can choose your favorite one and join with your friends to have a try.



(June 13 - 20, 2017: Begins and ends at 4am PST/12am GMT)


Level: Levels 25+


Mission: The Hyland Organization for Rakghoul Neutralization (T.H.O.R.N.) has issued an official level-2 emergency alert concerning an outbreak of the Rakghoul plague on Alderaan. Quarantines have been put in place to restrict traffic of the plague off-world, but exceptions will be made for individuals with priority clearance.


T.H.O.R.N. is recruiting qualified volunteer emergency responders to travel to affected areas to combat the spread of the Rakghoul plague. More information about the outbreak can be found by checking the News Terminals on the Republic or Imperial Fleet!


T.H.O.R.N. wishes to remind you that plague symptoms can be treated if they are identified in the early stages of infection. Whether or not you have travel plans, please consult your nearest trusted medical supply droid and get vaccinated! Featured Rewards:


1. Alliance Contact - Doctor Lokin: Recruitable during the Rakghoul Event

2. Exclusive Mounts: Infected Varactyl and Infected Dewback

3. THORN Epicenter and Dark Vector Armor Sets

4. Outbreak Response Weapons

5. Ferocious Rakghoul Mini-pets

6. …and more!



(July 1-5, 2017: Begins and ends at 5am PST/12am GMT)


Level: All Levels up to 70!


Mission: The ‘Summer of SWTOR’ is upon us, and we’re celebrating with double the in-game experience - running all weekend long! Level up at light speed as you earn 2x the Experience Points for your story adventures.


Plus, to honor this game’s amazing player-vs-player community, we’re awarding double the Valor points you’ll earn from Warzones and Arenas all weekend. Celebrate the millions of PvP battles that have taken place over the past 5+ years - from Voidstar to Huttball to Novare Coast and beyond!



June 27 – July 11, 2017: Begins and ends at 5am PDT/12am GMT)


Level: Level 15+


Mission: For a limited time, the Bounty Brokers Association has opened its doors to anyone willing to take on their dangerous contracts, offering an opportunity for both seasoned and rookie hunters to prove their skills and bring crime syndicates and violent gangs to justice!


Each day, you can sign up for one standard “Henchman” contract and one high profile Kingpin Contract, and each may take you to a separate planet. Complete five standard contracts to unlock Kingpin missions with bigger loot! Head to the fleet now, invite your friends and visit representatives of the Association to get started on your contracts!


To Get You Started:

1. Head to the fleet

2. Look for BBA representatives standing near carbonized bounties

3. Head to the Cartel Bazaar to use the mission terminals

4. Choose your mission, locate the target, kill or freeze it

Collect great rewards!

5. Repeat 5 times (1 a day per character) to unlock Kingpin missions!


Featured Rewards:

1. Reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association

2 Armor: Bounty Tracker’s Armor Set, Contract Hunter’s Armor Set

3. Weapons: Assassin’s Bowcaster, Elite Tracker’s Bowcaster

4. Armor: White, Red, Blue Scalene Armor

5. Weapons: Gray Helix Weapons, Gray Helix Lightsaber

6. In-game pets: Lobelot, Swamp Kell Drake, Drink Server Probe

7. BH-7X Custom Hunter Mount

8. …and more!



(June 13 – August, 2017: Begins and ends at 5am PDT/12pm GMT)


How to participate: Travel to Nar Shaddaa from your player ship, then take a taxi to either the Star Cluster Casino (Republic) or Club Vertica Casino (Empire).


Mission: Set course for Nar Shaddaa this summer, as the Hutts open their doors for the greatest spectacle this side of the Outer Rim. Watch as the galaxy’s rich, famous, and desperate flock to the Smuggler’s Moon to unwind and find their fortune! So grab your friends, stockpile those swtor credits, and set your blasters to stun - because the lights never go out at the Star Cluster and Club Vertica Casinos!


The stakes have been raised this year, with the greatest rewards yet up for grabs. Test your luck on the slot machines, compete with other high rollers, and create unforgettable memories! Sit back and relax – we’ve got your itinerary covered:


1. Trade in your credits for special tokens to use at the dazzling Star Cluster and Club Vertica casinos!

2. Feel the surge of adrenaline as you try your luck at the slot machines and a chance to win lavish rewards!

Rack up rewards with the Smuggler’s Luck Slot Machine, then - if you’re feeling lucky - go for jackpot with the Kingpin’s Bounty Slot Machine!

3. Win big with this year’s two new grand prizes:

Vectron BWL Wraith: Ride off on this sleek new speeder and be the envy of the Nightlife crowd!

Gamorrean Guard Companion: Secure a bodyguard contract with one of the galaxy’s most notorious armed thugs!

4. Plus, with every pull of the slot machine you have a chance of winning grand prize items from previous Nightlife festivals - like the Vectron Opus speeder and Kingpin’s Rancor Mount!

5. With so many prizes, there’s a jackpot just around the corner!



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