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SWTOR: Four Varieties of Guns

There are four varieties of guns in SWTOR, like the heavy blaster cannon, the blaster rifle, the blaster pistol and the sniper rifle. Which one do you like best?


The heavy blaster cannon is a two handed weapon fired from the hips, similar to an RL mini gun. These come in a wide variety of shapes. Some have focusing dishes, some look more real world, etc. Only the Republic Commando can use these guns.


The blaster rifle has a reasonably low number of overall shapes, but a huge number of total models. These are very star-war weapons. These are used by the Republic Vanguard and the Imperial Operative.


The blaster pistol has a good variety of choice, but almost all are smallish and reasonably realistic. The blaster pistol is the weapon of the Republic Scoundrel, Republic Gunslinger, Imperial Mercenary, and Imperial Powertech. This makes them pretty well populated, and there’s usually a market for them, because four of the classes use them, which is a rather large number.


The sniper rifle seems to have a pretty similar shape from gun to gun, with most of the variety being in the model. These are large and very visible weapons. They are used by the Imperial Sniper.


In terms of all abilities, damage, etc., The Republic Scoundrel is the same class as the Imperial Operative. Also, the Republic Vanguard is the same class as the Imperial Powertech. These are MELEE classes. You will always have your gun with you, but you will fire it very rarely, and sometimes hit people with it. You really will not fire it much.


The Republic Gunslinger is the same class as the Imperial Sniper. This is a ranged class, and a large number of your animations will use your ranged weaponry. The Gunslinger dual wields pistols, the Sniper has a single sniper rifle.


The Republic Commando is the same as the Imperial Mercenary. This is a ranged class, and you will use your weaponry for some of your attacks, but not all of them. The Mercenary has a lot of attacks that originate from his bounty hunter suit instead of his weapon. The Mercenary dual wields pistols, the Command uses the heavy blaster cannon.


There is pretty huge variety with the guns, and you can choose the color of blaster shots (and sometimes laser sights, focus lasers, and other doodads) with color crystals. But if you are choosing anything based on weapon aesthetics, you should pay a bit of attention to the attack animations of the classes in question- if you are a big blaster lover and roll Scoundrel, you'll use your gun to shoot very rarely as you level up.


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