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Suggestions for Planning in Tree of Savior

By Leo Jiang2017-07-03

Given that there are many levels and a lot of investments need to be progressed in tree of savior, it seems that character’s progression path should be made in advance. It is normal that people are expected to mess up their first characters. It's hard to learn until you develop the basic understanding from the game, which is expected from most players. So you just play it. If you don't have enough time, then follow a pre-set build that's already proven to be good. Players can explain the pros and cons of the build.


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Now you should have an idea of how the game works and what to expect, and actually know what you want to plan for. You can build your characters around what you intend to do. If you want a character which is good for dealing AoE DPS, you don't choose single-target oriented classes in your build. Do you want a character for killing bosses? There's no "best at everything" build. You can create a balanced build, but that's usually just Clerics since they can become self-sufficient with healing and invulnerability.


If you don't mind about doing Meta end-game content (Earth Tower), then do whatever you want. If you want something that you like, and just want to make it passable and you are willing to invest in your equipment until it is "passable" by your own personal standards, you can use a rainbow build of the worst classes in the game and let the gear carry your build. If you want to play how you like, but without investing in gear, then you must choose from stronger classes or suck it up and invest in equipment.


You only need to learn what's good and what's bad if you want to feel relevant in a party. You don't need a good build, you just need relevant classes in your build. The good classes in your build can carry the rest of your class choices. Pyro is bad for DPS. You want to feel relevant in a party. Everybody in the party loves the Chrono3 part of your build because you lower their cooldowns, you can be a Pyro and even lower your own Pyro cooldowns for more Pyro fun. Go for it.

For the sake of everyone, thinking out builds are better here. You must repeat it daily for a long time. A good build makes efficient use of the time you invest in your equipment. Your build doesn't need to become perfect, you just need to plan it out with the people you're going to run with. Usually people make dedicated characters for ET. By this point you understand the game and can pull a new char with appropriate events if you really want to level it. If you just want to run it and not to reap any rewards from it, you can feel a little more relaxed in the setup, but it'll something to be discussed with your party to determine if it's possible.


Cryo is dominated by Linker, now Cryo is superior to Linker. Sorc is a trash update. From then till now. The bare minimum you should really look into is synergy between classes and what the classes themselves provide at each circle. Weapon swap is terrible. Don’t choose a class that can only use two-handed weapons for its skills. Likewise, some skills can't be used mounted and some can only be used mounted.


Above is the guide to suggestion for planning in tree of savior. Hope it can help you, also if you are interested in tos news, please visit us.


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