• Choose a Suitable Class You Like in Tree of Savior
    By John Ryan2016-04-15 00:00:00

    Up to now, players have been paying attention to Tree of Savior gradually, and also more and more people are interest in it. Many players have placed a large number of Tree of Savior silver orders at MmoGah, from which you can see the game is more and more popular.


    Due to special combat system in TOS, you may be puzzled that how to choose a satisfied class. Mmogah as one of the best tree of savior silver (tree of savior silver kaufen) sellers and a professional tree of savior power leveling site shares some useful information with you.


    Although there are 80 classes in tree of savior, they all come from a basic set of four classes: Swordsman, Archer, Cleric, and Wizard, and each class has its own features. All the classes have their advantages and weaknesses. I would like to introduce them for you.

    a suitable class in tree of savior


    Swordsmen are warriors who have strong physical abilities. They use various weapons to deal with enemies up close at the front lines. The Swordsman is the basic front line fighter. It can take the role of a tank or melee damage dealer. This class is designed to take physical hits with relative safety. 

    Difficulty: Easy


    1. Can take physical damage relatively safely.

    2. Has a decent assortment of weapons.

    3. Has the most role flexibility.

    4. The best solo class.


    With lower magic defense. Using stat points to bolster magic defense and cut offensive capabilities, if you plan to make a tank it is the only recommendation. In order to attack you have to stand in the range of enemy attacks.



    Archer is a basic class in archer-type classes. The attack power of Arrow will be changed depending on the character’s distance from the enemies. You won’t be able to move if you change the stance of your character, but then the effective attack range will increase.


    If the monsters get attacked by a strong arrow, sometimes they will be hooked together so you can attack these monsters easily as if you are handing just one monster.


    Archer can move while it is attacking the monsters, so it is useful when you are in battle with boss monsters or the monsters that are big.


    Difficulty: Hard


    1. Long distance allows for a bit of safety.

    2. Easy to group and easy to kill regular enemies.


    With high SP costs and a low SP pool. Lowest base damages of single abilities. Long distance fights when solo fighting bosses.



    Wizards use magic to block attacks and protect themselves. They can cast powerful and concentrated spells, damage a single target or multiple enemies in an area. Wizard is your standard mage class. It doesn’t have the same range as the Archer although it has decent damage. Due to SP costs and durability, it’s relatively difficult to play Wizard solo.

    Difficulty: Normal


    1. Relatively high magic defense due to several points in Spirit needed.

    2. Able to equip shields when using a 1-handed weapon.

    3. High damage relatively.

    4. Ranged skills.


    1. Low survivability against bosses solo. 

    2. High SP costs.

    3. Low health pool relatively.



    While knocking down their enemies with powerful blows, Clerics Healing and allies protection through the blessings of the Goddess. Cleric is the basic healer class. However, the Cleric’s healing also damages enemies. The biggest downside is the range lack.

    Difficulty: Normal


    1. Health bar is managed easily.

    2. No need to choose between heals or damage skills when leveling.

    3. To fight solo boss easily.

    4. Low SP costs relatively.


    1. No range practically.

    2. Neither Heal nor Cure regular flying enemies.


    All in all, you can choose any one class that is suitable for your play style, and we hope that you can enjoy this game.