• Guide for Improving Gear in Tree of Savior
    By John Ryan2016-06-08 00:00:00

    The gears are playing the important role in the Tree of Savior game. It is a real problem to get a gear in tree of savior, especially for the players above the level of 50 dungeons. As you know, the better gear can help the players become stronger and stronger, and also the better gear can make your own character become more powerful. Players often worried about their outdated gears. It would be good to have a better gear, but how to get a better gear, how to improve the gear in the tree of savior playing? Now I will share some useful information about this.


    I have some opinions about this, the first is that you need to play nakedly until you reach to level 180 or something. That's why people keep the set so long. The damage will be added but won't reduce your survivability. Remember just don't stand in front of bosses or go inside the groups of mobs and always move around little by little.

    The second opinion about this is that you should always keep your distance unless you have to run in closer to use a skill, such as the magic missile. Unless someone aggravates the mobs before you start using your skills, otherwise you should also wait until the tank. If you got matched into a party with no tank, then try to stay there unless you have to stand still to use a skill. Also, try to buy the lv10 Condensed HP Potions from the AH, depending on the situation that your healer's Heal is on CD or really you need the HP.

    guide for improving gear in tos

    Third opinion. As it is the least harm, the Earth is actually doing automated attacks and a soil series of magic. Then add these "bonus hit" such as Cafrisun, sacraments, enchant fire and Elemental Effects, Mr Arde Lam and dagger as a famous example. With the typical combination of Cafrisun Mr Arde Lam and sacraments, you can buy it for pardoner, and the blessing is optional, because it has reached the limit, and actually you can make a lot of auto-attack damage more than class skills.


    Forth opinion. The best part of this combination is universal, every class can use it, which means that because of this combination, no matter how awful your class is, or a mill even full-CON compiler you will have, the certain degree of output will be made still, such that it is very easy level. In addition, you can do some serious auto damage. You may feel a bit like restrictions Master and you may want to give some of the armors like int or magical damage. And even increase the SP, which is cloth, so you still can get proficient in the magic properties. 


    The above opinions may help you to get the better gears, if you do not want to do it by yourself, you can come to our website Mmogah to buy tos gold (tos gold kaufen), which can save a lot of time for getting the gears by yourself or improving the leveling. I sincerely hope every player have a good time in TOS.