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RuneScape News: Elite Dungeon-Temple of Aminishi

The first RuneScape Elite Dungeon is finally here! Discover what schemes and foes lie behind the great doors to the Temple of the Aminishi, as you delve into its halls and corridors. You might even be able to meet the Azure Serpent itself!



The only requirement to participate in the Temple of Aminishi Elite Dungeon is the completion of the Port Sarim quest “Impressing the Locals”. You can team up with up to two other players via the grouping system or attempt to solo the content directly for more lucrative loot. This is a great opportunity for you to train Dungeoneering a little bit differently, while at the same time gathering tokens as you progress.


Quest “Impressing the Locals” Quick Guide:


Start point Talk to Trader Stan at the southern docks of Port Sarim.
Member requirement Members only
Official difficulty Novice
Official length Short

Skill requirements are not boostable.

- None

Items required

Items from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

-1000 RS Gold


Access to the port sarim and draynor village lodestones

Enemies to defeat

- None

- Talk to Trader Stan.

- Talk to Guard Captain Roarkwin in the Port Sarim Jail.

- Talk to Seasinger Umi inside the player-owned port portal in Port Sarim.

- Talk to Surula, the Barmaid in the player-owned port bar. 

- Climb the stairs and talk to Mister Gully.

- Talk to Seasinger Jemi at the Rimmington well.

- Talk to the Black Knight sergeant upstairs in the pottery house southwest of the Draynor lodestone.

- Return to Trader Stan. 

- Quest complete!


There are five sections inside the temple, each of these packed out with factions, minibosses and, along the way you'll run into challenging bosses blocking the way to the final encounter.



May be you will fail, but don’t fear! Your progress will be saved so you can head back in and continue where you left off, skipping to any unlocked checkpoints. For those who want more of a lore experience you can attempt to play the content in story mode, a mode where the monsters are toned down significantly but with significantly reduced rewards.



- Two dedicated Dungeoneering reward shops featuring some new cosmetics, port scrolls and a new Invention blueprint.

- Maybe a direct upgrade for your sirenic gear. Pushing the sirenic mask and chaps to tier 92.

- The drop tables inside the temple won't have raw skilling resources but instead are replaced with new alchable/disassemblable items which you gather as you kill your foes inside the Temple.


Stormborn Armour


Stormborn Armour has also been added with this update, and you'll be able to pick up this electrifying outfit with the redeeming of any green or red game cards. You should redeem your code on July 1st as that's when it will release in-game, Premier Club will be given a Premier Club token from July 1st if they wish to use that to unlock this armour.


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