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RuneScape 3: Bandos Guide - General Graardor

Today MmoGah will show you RuneScape 3 Bandos Guide, which will cover a mid/high level set up, and I will also tell you how to kill General Graardor efficiently if you are an ironman or low level by kiting. I hope this guide will be helpful.




 -GWD unlocked

You need 70 plus stats and especially 70 strength to access the general Greider boss room, using 70 plus gear to last at least half an hour here. Preferably higher if you have higher gear. So if you have any endgame gear, please use it, because it will make it so much easier. You need make God Wars Dungeon unlocked because otherwise you can’t access the boss anyway.


Useful Stuff

  -Spring Cleaner

  -Pak Yak/BOB


  -Vampyrism/Penance Aura


The Spring Cleaner is obviously a good choice to clean up the rune drops. A Pak Yak is very useful as well, because you can take more food and last longer. It’s a good choice to use Overloads and that will obviously boost your experience and drops per hour. I strongly recommend to bring Penance Aura only around 20k points. Curses are also very useful. You can click the original video to see more details if you have interest.


Runescape 3 - Bandos guide (General Graardor) 2018 | Good experience & okay money

Inventory Examples

The following are two inventory examples, one is melee and the other is magic. You can choose whichever you like, but these are just basic items of what you need to choose.


Melee Kill

There's a clip of melee killing with soul split. I recommend you use the melee prayer, devotion and debilitate as often as you can actually minimize the damage.


Magic Kill

- Pray

The following clip is a kill with magic while using the melee prayer and the vampyrism. As you see, this is going much better and this is why I prefer magic bundles.


- Soul Spit

As you can see, the following clip is a melee killing with soul spit, a magic gear. This is actually an effective method of lasting an hour quite easily and you can always bring food just in case you are struggling a little bit.


Kiting Method

Kiting, a method that all low levels ironmen and high level players alike can use to their advantage. You basically click around room while smashing keys on your hot bar and then you will use almost all food. I really recommend doing this if it's your first time and you can use magic because it's so easy to do.

That’s all my introduction about this guide. You can come to MmoGah to see more RuneScape Guide such as RS Dungeon Guide and so on if you have interest. You can also Buy RuneScape Gold like cheap and safe Old School RuneScape Gold with Large Coupons. The professional services will never let you down. Waiting for your visit!

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