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3 Alternative Ways to Make More PoE Currency in Metamorph League

By Michel Z2020-02-13

This guide is giving you three different ways on how to make more currency in the Path of Exile Metamorph League. These methods only require you to have a small amount of PoE currency to start with. Please click Baus Lee's video for more details on how he can make a pretty good amount of poe currency with these methods, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:




No. 1

The first method is doing The Elder. The Elder drops Watcher’s eye, and the drop rate is 20%-25%. When you get the Watch’s eye, you can go sell it unidentified. There are two types of Watcher’s eye. The level 85 Watcher’s eye is the drop from the Elder, and the level 86 Watcher’s eye is the one that drops from Uber Elder. But even the level 85 one can sell for at least 4 Exalted orb.


Hunting the Uber Elder for the 3 line stats Watcher’s eye earns you a lot more PoE currency, but it is not an efficient way because killing the Uber Elder is much tougher.


*Comparing to Shaper, the Elder is a lot easier to kill. Because it takes longer to kill the Shaper, and the Shaper attacks quite deadly, so the drops from Shaper is not that efficient.


It will be great if you can have enough fragments to hunt the Elder. You’ll need 4 pieces of the fragment, and the current price of fragment is only 30-40 Chaos orb. So, it costs about 100 Chaos orb per run. But if you can get 1 Watcher’s eye out of 3 runs that cost 300 PoE Chaos orb, you can still make a profit. Because even you sell the Watcher’s eye for 3 Exalted orb, you can still make 450 Chaos orb according to the current ratio right now. So, hunting the Elder is a pretty good alternative method if you are sick of farming maps.



No. 2

While you are killing the Elder, there is a chance that he will drop Elder Astral Plate as well. For the second method, you are going to buy an Astral Plate that is above level 80 with Elder influence from Once you get this armor, you are going to increase its quality to 20%. Then you go to your Crafting Bench, look for any of these increased quality crafts and craft on it. I have tried this method, and doing this costs me an average of 400-600 Orbs of Fusing per 6-link. 

This is a kind of gamble, but doing this gives you a higher chance to roll sockets and link a 6-link Astral Plate. Once you get the 6-link Astral Plate, you’ll want to start rolling for something that gives you Life and Resist. Anything that gives you Life and Resist can be sold for a pretty good amount of money.


Making a 6-link Astral Plate costs 1-2 Exalted orb, but as soon as you get a Life or Resist roll, you can sell it for about 4 Exalted rob which is pretty good.



No. 3

For the third method, you are going to buy boots above level 75 with Hunter influence. Then you’ll want to try to roll for Tailwind. As soon as you roll for a Tailwind, you stop and just sell it. It is currently worth 100-120 Chaos orb. This method is a good option for people who have a bunch of Orbs of Alteration. This is also a kind of gamble, but you can make a decent amount of currency by trying to get a Tailwind roll on it.   



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