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Path of Exile Legion 3.7: Facebreaker Cyclone Build-Champion Duelist

Dear Exiles! MmoGah will continuously updating Path of Exile 3.7 Builds. As you know, the Cyclone skill is very smart this league, so today’s build is Facebreaker Cyclone Build - Champion Duelist. Hope this post or the original video will help you a lot.




  Mandatory Uniques

   Rigwald’s Curse  

- This amulet is mandatory because of “Modifiers to Claws also apply to Unarmed”

- +7% to Unarmed Critical Chance

- Up to 36% Critical Multiplier



- Up to 800% more unarmed physical damage.

- 30% Critical Multiplier



- For this build items that add Physical Damage to Attacks are awesome. Abyssus goes even further, providing 40-60 Physical Damage to Attacks and up to 125% Critical Multiplier.

- But it also increases in up to 50% the total Physical Damage Taken, this can make you get one-shotted sometimes.


 Recommended Uniques

- Carcass Jack

- Belly of the Beast

- Lighting Coil 

- Loreweave 


 Recommended Flasks

- Divine Life Flask 

- Diamond Flask 

- Quicksilver Flask 

- Lion’s Roar   


 My Gameplay Gear


 Recommended Enchantments

Of Reflection Cyclone Damage Attack Speed
- Creates a clone of you that attacks with your weapon. Good for not taking all the damage. - 40% increased Cyclone Damage. - 16% increased attack speed if you’ve killed recently.


 Full Build Attribute Requirements

Strength 155 Dexterity 155 Intelligence 111
- Easy to acquire, you get 143 on your Tree, so you need 12 more on your gear. - Super easy to acquire, just with your Passive Tree. - Easy to acquire, you get 64 on your Tree, so you need 47 more on your gear.



- Start creating a 4L with Brutality, Infused Channeling and Pulverise

- Impale if 5L and Increased Area of Effect if 6L.

- When fighting bosses, change Increased Area of Effect and Pulverise for Concentrated Effect and Melee Physical Damage.


- Ancestral Warchief and Ancestral Protector grant attack damage and attack speed buff, and thanks to Multiple Totems you can have the 2 buffs at the same time.

- Shield Charge is a great Movement Skill.


- Herald of Purity grants more DPS

- Pride Increases the damage taken by your enemies.

- Flesh and Stone grants area buffs. Keep Stone for clear speed and flesh for boss killing.


- CWDT + Steelskin gives you a shield that absorbs Damage when you take a certain amount of Damage (keep CWDT at lvl 11 and Steelskin at lvl 16)

- Dread Banner grants Impale Chance and Effect. It also reduces enemies’ Accuracy.


- Vaal Grace grants extra chance to dodge attacks and spells, use it on bosses.

- Vaal Haste gives a huge attack speed buff, use it on bosses.





- Onslaught Abyss Jewel



 Tips for Easy Level (beginner friendly)

- You can start using Ground Slam from lvl 1 to lvl 28, then replace it with Cyclone.


 Leveling Setup of Links

- From lvl 1 to 18, use Ground Slam supported by Ruthless, Maim and Added Fire Damage

- Added Fire Damage and Maim once you reach lvl 8

- Reaching lvl 18, change Added Fire Damage for Melee Physical Damage

- When you reach lvl 28, use Cyclone as your main skill

- Support it with Infused Channeling, Maim and Melee Physical Damage.

- It’s also a good time to equip your Edge of Madness

- Reaching lvl 38, change Maim for Increased Area of Effect

- Change it for Concentrated Effect when facing bosses.

- Reaching lvl 44, you can equip the Unique Sword Rigwald’s Charge, and start using the main Cyclone Setup.

- Cyclone – Brutality – Infused Channeling – Pulverise – Impale – Increased Area of Effect.

- It’s ok if you don’t have 6 linked sockets, because it’s luxury. You will be fine with 4 or 5 while saving PoE Currency to link the last slots.

- Starting on lvl 4, you can already use Ancestral Protector as Auxiliary Damage for Bosses

- Supported it with Melee Physical Damage – Ruthless – Maim

- Ruthless when lvl 8, Melee Physical Damage when lvl 18.



- Starting at lvl 4, you can activate Dread Banner.

- At lvl 16, you can start using Herald of Purity for a DPS Boost.

- You can also activate Flesh and Stone for area buffs. (Stone for clear, Flesh for Bosses)

- This will reserve 60% of your mana, if you have problems with it, buy a Praxis or don’t activate Herald of Purity for now.

- Reaching the Ascendancy Node Inspirational and the Less Mana Reserved nodes on your skill tree (around lvl 70), you can also activate Pride.


 Recommended Items

- Gloom Circle Two-Stone Ring

- Praxi

- Lochtonial Caress

- Wanderlust

- Tabula Rasa (around 20 Chaos Orb)

- Goldrim

- String of Servitude

- Asenath’s Mark

- Gorebreaker

- Limbsplit

- Wideswing

- Edge of Madness

- Rigwald’s Charge


That’s all about this build. You can click mmogah.com to see more useful PoE Builds. And you can also buy cheap and safe PoE Items or Exalted Orb. The professional services will never let you down.

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