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Path of Exile Legion 3.7: Impale Double Strike Build-Champion Duelist

Dear Exile! Today, the mmogah.com will show you Impale Double Strike Build-Champain Duelist of Path of Exile Legion. You can read this article or watch the original video to learn more about this build.




Mandatory Uniques


- This Claw grants the Instant Life Leech effect that we want to face tank everything.

- You can either use 2 of them for Instant Life Leech on 100% of your hits or use 1 Bloodseeker and another Claw with more damage.


Recommended Uniques

The Wasp Nest  

- Up to 255 DPS

- Up to 25% Attack Speed

- Increased Critical Strike Chance

- Life Leech per hit

- Awesome budget damage claw for this build

- You can change it for some rare claw with critical chance and 350 PDPS or higher later on, after saving enough PoE Currency to buy it.

- Keep it in mind that you need to have at least 1 Bloodseeker equipped.



- Those gloves are great because they make enemies explode increasing your clear speed and they also grant up 40% increased damage against bleeding enemies, what is a great combo to our Bloodlust.



- For this build PoE Items that add Physical Damage to Attacks are awesome. Abyssus goes even further, providing 40-60 Physical Damage to Attacks and up to 125% Critical Multiplier.

- But it also increases in up to 50% the total Physical Damage Taken, this can make you get one-shotted sometimes.


Starkonja’s Head  

- It is a good alternative if you want to keep safe.

- Grants up to 100 Life

- 10% Attack Speed

- Huge evasion boost in times of need (when on Low Life)


Rat’s Nest 

- It is a good balance between Defensive (Starkonja’s) and Offensive (Abyssus)

- 15% Attack Speed

- Up to 75% increased critical strike chance


Lighting Coil  

- Up to 80 to Maximum Life

- 30% of Physical Damage taken as Lightning Damage (This helps to endure the extra physical damage taken from Abyssus)


Belly of the Beast

- 40% increased maximum life

- Up to 15% to all elemental Resistances

- 812 Evasion

- Great for having a huge life pool



- It’s not a cheap body armour but it’s awesome for this build.

- It grants up to 60 Life, 60% increased Global Chance, adds 10-36 physical damage to attacks and increases your maximum Elemental Resistances.


Recommended Flasks

Divine Life Flask 

- Your Divine Life Flasks must have Instant Recover.

- To maximum your defenses, look for “Immune to Bleeding” and “Immune to Freeze and Chill” as secondary Stats.


Diamond Flask 

- For more Crits

- Look for Increased Duration and Increased Evasion as Secondary Mods.


Stibnite Flask  

- Great Flask for a great Evasion Boost and blind source for your enemies.

- Best Stats for Stibnite Flasks are “Increased Evasion During Flask Effect” and “Increased Duration”.


Lion’s Roar  

- Up to 25% More Physical Damage


My Gameplay Gear

This is the gear I’ve used to record the gameplay seen on this guide. Please note that my equipment is not perfect, you can achieve way more with an expensive one. Every piece is fully linked.


Recommended Enchantments

Of Reflection Double Strike Attack Speed Attack and Cast Speed
- Creates a clone of you that attacks with your weapon. Good for not taking all the damage. - 15% increased Double Strike attack speed. - 16% increased attack and cast speed if you’ve killed recently.


Full Build Attribute Requirements

Strength 155 Dexterity 155 Intelligence 113
- Easy to acquire, and your Passive Tree alone already grants 133. - Super easy to acquire, just with your Passive Tree. - Not easy to acquire. You get 54 on your Tree, so you need 59 more on your gear.



- Double Strike does not have a fantastic clear speed, that’s why we’re using both Melee Splash and Ancestral Call to improve it.

- On the other hand the Single Target damage is beyond crazy.

- When fighting bosses, change Melee Splash and Ancestral Call for Brutality and Bloodlust.

- Don’t forget to cast Vaal Double Strike on bosses to create your shadow clones.


- Ancestral Warchief and Ancestral Protector grant attack damage and attack speed buff, and thanks to Multiple Totems you can have the 2 buffs at the same time.

- Chance to Bleed makes your enemies bleed, this way Double Strike gets the extra damage from Blood Lust.


- Herald of Purity boost your DPS.

- Dread Banner not only grants Impale Chance and Effect but also increased survivability.

- Pride causes nearby enemies to take more physical damage.


- CWDT+Steelskin gives you a shield that absorbs Damage when you take a certain amount of damage (keep CWDT at lvl 11 and Steelskin at lvl 16)

- Blood Rage grants extra attack speed and Frenzy charges.


- Great movement skill


- Vaal Grace grants extra chance to dodge attacks and spells, use it on bosses.

- Vaal Haste gives a huge attack speed buff, use it on bosses.





Look for the following stats on rare Jewels: Physical Damage, Melee Damage, Attack Speed, Maximum Life and Critical Multiplier.

Abyss Jewel

I highly recommend you guys to get an Onslaught Abyss Jewel. With “X% chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on kill” and “+X to Maximum Life”.



Tips for Easy Level (beginner friendly)

- Start with Frost Blades until lvl 38 then change to Double Strike.

- Vaal Double Strike can be equipped since lvl 10, keep it in any socket since then just to level the gem up.


Leveling Setup of Links

- When you reach lvl 8, support your Frost Blades with Added Cold Damage.

- When you reach lvl 18, add Elemental Damage with Attacks and Melee Physical Damage.

- Reaching lvl 38, change Frost Blades for Vaal Double Strike.

- Change Elemental Damage with Attacks for Melee Splash

- When you reach Master of Metal in your Champion Ascendancy, you can change Melee Physical Damage for Impale.

- Starting on lvl 4 you can already use Ancestral Protector as Auxiliary Damage for bosses.

- Support it with Melee Physical Damage-Ruthless-Maim

- Ruthless when lvl 8, Melee Physical Damage when lvl 18



Dread Banner    

It can be activated already at lvl 4.


Herald of Purity 

At lvl 16 you can start using it for a DPS Boost.



Activate it on lvl 24 for more damage.



Reaching lvl 38 remove Hatred and activate Pride instead.


Recommended Items

- Gloom Circle Two-Stone Ring

- Praxi

- Lochtonial Caress

- Wanderlust

- Tabula Rasa (around 20 Chaos Orb)

- Goldrim

- String of Servitude

- Asenath’s Mark

- The Princess

- Lakishu’s Blade

- Innsbury Edge


That’s all about this build. You can come to MmoGah to buy cheap and safe Exalted Orb and PoE Power Leveling. You can also try our PoE Trade service to sell to us. We will never let you down!


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