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How Many Acronyms and Jargons Do You Know in Path of Exile

Same as other online multiplayer MMORPG, Path of Exile has built up the closed relationship with hardcore players, which means that it has collected a whole dictionary's worth of acronyms and jargons that you should learn if you want to know this game deeply and its intricacies. However, it's not necessary to memorize them immediately and you can learn them in the game, but it's a good idea to get familiar in advance to avoid confusion during gameplay.


Start from something simple, such as the usual terms that are present in other games too. IGN is an in-game name, and PoE is the name of the game Path of Exile. Also, there are some other terms like B/O for Buy Out and C/O for Current Offer that are important for trading, which is a big part of this game due to the special economic system with PoE Currency items.

You should remember that STR, DEX, and INT are the character stats, and each character class has its own attention to one or two of the stats. There are some advanced stats like MS for Movement Speed, EV for Evasion, and AR for Armour. You’ll meet many of these acronyms if you're looking for character builds and other information in the forums, so you can make it as a priority to learn. Some are well-known Path of Exile Items like GCP for Gem Cutter's Prism. Most of the acronyms aren't important to remember because most people will use the full names.


When talking about PoE Items, there are two of the most important acronyms in this game, namely IIQ and IIR. When you are looking for poe items that will make your character much better. IIQ increases Item Quantity and IIR increases Item Rarity, both of them are important properties when it comes to farm. When IIQ and IIR are combined, you can get Magic Find, which is the increased possibility of getting good loot, such as PoE Exalted Orb.

There are a lot of other item properties with acronyms and terminology that you are interested in. For example, there are various "cast on" effects such as CoD for Cast on Death, CoC for Cast on Critical Strike, CWDT for Cast, CoH for Curse on Hit when Damage Taken, etc. They can be very confusing, but you will be better when you have to sift through those terms to optimize your character leading to the end.


Gems and passive skills that are used commonly, IR for Iron Reflexes, which can be confused with IIR, but keystone passive is one of the most commonly used ones. There are tons of support gems like FC for Faster Casting, FA for Faster Attacks, MP for Greater Multiple Projectiles, etc. Active skills like LA for Lightning Arrow, RoA for Rain of Arrows, RF for Righteous Fire, they are also some gems you'll meet. For more poe news, you should visit MmoGah.com. Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.


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