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The Fall of Oriath New Gems in Path of Exile

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In order to keep the game fresh, exciting, and balanced, it’s not strange for MMOs to provide new skills in the new expansion. In Path of Exile’s (PoE)The Fall of Oriath” first expansion, GGG introduced new support gems that should be a big help to current builds. There are PoE New Gems in “The Fall of Oriath” to pump up the volume.

3 Dexterity Support Gems

Vile Toxins: it gives supported skills with poison additional 20% damage, more than 30% poison damage, and more than 5% damage with hits for each poison on the enemy (six maximum). If you use poison, then this gem is a necessary. You can also make use of some Path of Exile Items instead of gems.


Deadly Ailments: it grants supported skills with ailments 50% additional damage and 10% increased damage, but less than 30% damage with hits. With its drawback, compared to damage-over-time skills, it’s not for those who rely on attacks, especially spellcasters. Sometimes PoE Currency is a good choice for you.


Lesser Poison: it gives supported skills with poison10% increased damage unlike Deadly Ailments, 25% chance to poison on hit and deal 1 to 2 Chaos damage. It enhances the possibility of poisoning rather than focusing on increasing poison damage, making it synergistic with both Deadly Ailments Support and Vile Toxins Support.


5 Intelligence Support Gems

Decay: for those who rely on Chaos Damage, 10% increased chaos damage is supported by Decay grants skills. It inflicts the status Decay, which deals 234 Chaos damage within 10 seconds. Some rare orbs, such as Exalted Orbs, can increase your damage and attribute.


Efficacy: a simple, reliable, and well-rounded Support Gem. Skills are supported by deal 10% spell damage, more than 15% damage over time and 10% increased spell duration, 10% increased damage over time.


Immolate: It grants 10% increased fire damage supported skills and makes them deal 47-71 additional fire damage against burning enemies for those who rely on fire-based spells.


Unbound Ailments: with some similarities to Deadly Ailments, however, it lengthens the duration of ailments caused by supported skills by 40%, and gives 20% increased effect to the ailments.


Ignite Proliferation: it provides two effects, one of them only works with the elemental ailment Ignites. It allows Ignites caused by the supported skill to spread within a radius of 14, and an additional 10% fire damage for supported skills.

3 Strength Support Gems

Maim: turns out to be a necessary for all classes whose bread and butter are physical melee attacks. It strengthens 10% physical damage of sustained skills, and supported attacks receive 30% chance to disfigure on hit. 20% increased physical damage can be received by wounded enemies.


Brutality: 35% physical damage and 10% increased Physical Damage is the skill supports and deals an additional whopping. The only drawback is that elemental damage cannot be dealt with supported skills. Depending on the build, it’s a trade-off and whether it’s worth it or not.


Bleed: it provides supported attacks 1 to 2 added Physical Damage with weapons. Supported attacks also deal 10% increased damage with bleeding and have a 25% chance to cause bleeding. When it comes to raw damage, it’s the most modest of the three, if you want damage over time it’s a reliable choice.


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