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What Are the Top Five Builds in Path of Exile

Some Players think that Path of Exile is more than just another action role-playing game, it is something like an endurance and intellect game. The level of mystery and specificity that goes into Path of Exile is to a degree that puzzles most players. This is where the biggest and the worst of character builds come in with specifics that are so specific due to the ongoing pursuit of perfection.


Of course, the best build is the one you have the most fun in this game. If you aren't the type who wants to wing it and want to get something that's painstakingly optimized to near perfection, then perhaps these top five builds will make you happy. From the passives to gems and all the way to get the Path of Exile Items to reach top performance. Once players have achieved the pinnacle with their chosen build, that's when they can get a real glimpse into what the game is truly capable of. Whey players collect PoE Currency, it is good for their builds.

Elemental Buzzsaw Scion

This one is like the flavor of the month, but this build hits all the right notes for dedicated Path of Exile players. Exalted Orbs are sometimes used for this build. It uses 5 auras that benefit party members at first, so other players love to play with a character like this. If you prefer playing alone, you can do well in soloing end-game bosses on your own. In order to get right, it's one of those end-games builds that don't need much gear too, so this is great for players who are just starting to get their feet wet with tier-one builds.


Aura-based Lightning Arrow Scion

It is the Lightning Arrow Ranger, perhaps the easiest build to pull off and play, and ramps it up to another level. This build makes use of the Scion and supplements combat with auras to make Lightning Arrow and other offensive options much stronger. This build makes pretty tanky, and Voltaxic can make elemental reflect mobs not as problematic as ordinary Lightning Arrow Rangers. You’ll have no problem farming with this build by sheer DPS against multiple targets.

Cast on Critical / Ethereal Knives / Discharger Witch

Among all of the basic classes, the Witch has the most potential when it comes to AOE damage. However, this build is something else in taking that potential and fulfilling it in a way never seen before with any other build. One of the highest DPS in the game, there is a good bit of survivability in this build and immunity to physical and elemental reflect that makes it viable as a farming build in whatever league you wish.


Chaos Inoculation Immortal Scion

There is something about Chaos Inoculation that still interests a lot of players so far. As a really tanky build with immunity to elemental and physical reflect, this build takes upon the "Immortal" name with pride, which makes it great for taking on end-game map bosses. You can play this in hardcore leagues without a lot of fear, as long as you get the building right due to this combination of great defense.


God-Tank Marauder

When talking about the tankiest of tanky builds, the name says it all when tanky this Marauder build. This build has decent DPS if there is full of gear to go around with, but it's all about the defense. It is said that you can go into any map mod and no need to worry about dying. Parties will look for you to take the hits, so it's a helpful build to have around. For more poe news, you should visit MmoGah.com. Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.


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