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Harvest Crafts PoE: How to Craft OP Items with Tier 1 Seeds Only

Crafting in Path of Exile has always been only for the richest, 1% of the playerbase. That is why you haven’t even bothered trying it. Right? Well, what if I tell you, in Harvest league, this is a thing of the past. All you need is to buy a few crafting bases, grab your favorite item affix website and start auto-planting tier 1 seeds. 

Of course, there is some fancy stuff like map missions, and Uber, Uber lab, and Winged Scarabs, and other stuff locked behind the higher tier seeds. But for this guide, we don’t need that because if you want to make a character with an explosion chest piece, tailwind boots, and some other powerful Path of Exile items, then this guide is for you. In this video, ItsYoji will explain how to get started with seed crafting in the Harvest league.


First of all, you need to know which craft types are available in Harvest. The modifier types you can change in Harvest are Attack modifiers and Caster modifiers. Then, all the damage types: Physical, Chaos, Lighting, Fire, and Cold. There are also crafts for Defence modifiers and Life modifiers. You can see which types of modifiers can roll on your item based on which item type it is. For example, a chaos resistance modifier is a chaos mod, a life modifier is a life mod, and an energy shield modifier is defense mod, and so on. That way, you will know which Harvest craft will affect which modifier. For some mods, it’s very straightforward as I just mentioned, but sometimes it’s not. So, look them up and make sure that you don’t make any mistakes and ruin your items in the process.

Easy Harvest Crafts PoE How to Craft OP Items with Tier 1 Seeds p1

Then you will need to know in which ways you can change these modifiers. We will mostly focus on three types of changes. They are:

1. Remove a certain type of modifier. For example: Remove a physical modifier from an item. This can allow you to get rid of an annoying modifier of the physical type that you don’t want on your item.


2. Augment a certain type of modifier, which is to add a modifier of that type. For example, Augment a fire modifier can add fire resistance.


3. There is also a combined remove and add of the same type craft, such as removal life mod and in the same step, add back on a new life mod. This is great for re-rolling a modifier to get to high tiers. For example, if you have a +5 life roll, you can remove that and add another life roll back on, hoping for a higher-tier life roll. But be careful, since there is also removal of a non-life modifier and add a life mod. This is less specific as it can remove any mod and add a life mod back on, which can often ruin an item, especially if you use it accidentally and confuse it with a craft mentioned before.


There are also Chaos spam seed crafts which you can use to make a good baseline item that you can then use to improve and remove an augment craft until you get the item you want.


Let’s go over a helmet craft that I plan to make for my character. I bought an ilvl 85 helmet. Sometimes, a certain item level is needed to craft certain modifier on an item which already has the helmet enchant I need. The helmet also has Warlord influence as you can see, which means it can roll specific additional modifiers that I want for my character.

Easy Harvest Crafts PoE How to Craft OP Items with Tier 1 Seeds p2


Then I use Chaos spam seeds to get a decent life roll and two good resistance modifiers. As you can see, the item also has an armor roll and the thorns roll that I don’t want. Since the armor roll is the only defense modifier on the item, I can remove it with remove defence. The same is true for the thorns mod. I would then augment a fire modifier twice. If you look at the affix list for warlord helmet, there are only three fire rolls I can roll on the specific item. Since it already has fire resistance, it can only roll “#% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage”, which I want for defences and “Nearby Enemies have #% to Fire Resistance”, which I want for damage.


Easy Harvest Crafts PoE How to Craft OP Items with Tier 1 Seeds p3


Once that is done, since each item can only have three prefixes and three suffixes, this leaves me with one open prefix. I can now add a life modifier to the item, which will guarantee a hybrid armor + life modifier on top of the Pure life modifier that I’ve already have. Because the suffixes are already full, I can not roll the flat life regen roll which I do not want.


Easy Harvest Crafts PoE How to Craft OP Items with Tier 1 Seeds p4


To finish the item, I can now keep spamming, then remove the life modifier and add back on another life modifier until both of the life rolls are all for high tier.


Lastly, I plan to use a tier 2 seed, which allows me to re-craft the Fire Resistance into a Cold Resistance because on this character, I don’t need Fire Resistance since Chieftains get so much of it for free.


I hope this helps you get started with your seed crafting projects. It will take some time to get into and get used to the affix system of PoE. But in this league, also for the future, it will be very much worth it. Don’t forget to check out MmoGah.com – a safe place to buy PoE Exalted orb, Chaos orb, and other PoE goods you need for the Harvest crafting. For more guides and news, stay tuned to our PoE news page.


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